Friday, July 17, 2009

Capturing Lost Notes

Prompt: On the way home from work your character stops into a music store and purchases an unusual musical instrument that they’ve always wanted to learn to learn to play. Why today?

This story has been removed to be polished and submitted into competitions.. wish me luck!


Unknown said...

Hi - agian - I am sorry for lack of immediate feedback on your stories - but I WILL get there - please leave your links and I'll be visiting soon. thanks

Bill said...

I enjoyed the ending and the protagonist's satisfaction. Good to see you back online! :)

Chris Chartrand said...

Isn't interesting how something as simple as a carved soapstone nose flute can make a person begin to feel again.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the nose flute. Nothing quite like it! The fact that it made him feel so good, despite his lack of playing ability shows how sometimes it is the simple things that can keep us going in the face of so much bad stuff at work or elsewhere.

Nice work!