Wednesday, April 4, 2018

To Cheat or Not to Cheat.

This is a first draft using a Writers Toolbox 3 sentence prompt stick and was written at tonights writers group session.

In the space for 3 sets of 3 mins, three prompt sentences were read out. Participants needed to write the sentence down and continue writing until the time was up and the next prompt read out. In this space of time, they needed to ensure each sentence flowed and made sense within what they had just written.

My three sentences were

The only way John could pass the exam was by cheating.
They were all the same I decided.
The time he smashed a six.


The only way John could pass the exam was by cheating. Sweat beaded on his sparsely populated dome. He lifted watery eyes to snatch a glance at Patrices’ stockinged legs, languidly crossed on the overstuffed couch in front of him.

“Are you sure this is the only way I can pass?”  John could hardly blurt the words out. Bile rose in his throat as a delicious mixture of terror, intrigue and guilt flooded his system.

“Quite sure.”

“But my wife.”

“Will thank you when your salary doubles because of this new qualification.” 

She drew in a long breath before forming perfect smoke rings to dance and taunt him.

“Look” John stuttered, “These extra subjects to get credit. They were all the same. I decided to do the easiest and quickest to finish my degree. I didn’t realise advanced domination skills would be this.”

He gestated wildly at the array of metal and leather goods on the coffee table in front of him.  “I imagined HR as being a little less hands on?”

“Suit yourself.” Patrice stubbed her cigarette out and fluidly stood. A shroud of perfume swirled around her. 

Intoxicated with her aroma, John gripped the low table, trembling.

“Are you sure my wife will never find out?”

“This is your only time slot to complete this exam.” Patrice adjusted her corset idly.

“It’s just, my wife and I. We have never. I have never. Don’t even know what this stuff is! ” John furtively searched the items on the table. “ I need to pass this subject.”

“You’ve already wasted 10 mins. Think of the disappointment on your wife face if you tell you her have been passed over again for a promotion. Now think of that big celebration part at the board room when your boss announces the newest member in HR.”

John exhaled slowly. The time he smashed a six in a pee wee cricket was the last time anyone had very congratulated him on anything.

“Alright, Lets get on with it.”

Patrice handed him a soft leather mask.

“You’ll need this to start with.

Monday, March 26, 2018


As she shifted, the cane stool creaked. Its echoing reverberated across the empty room. Sarah picked at her blood encrusted fingernails. Slowly, defiantly her eyes raised to stare directly into the black two-way glass. Her back ached after hours in this position, but Sarah refused to slump; betray any emotion, to plead innocence or to beg for mercy.

“We wait for a sign.”
“Isn’t that enough? She tries to rid herself of evidence.”
“A nervous tick. She is a child.”
“Guardian, one might mistake your compassion for weakness.” 
Hooded eyes stared back at the girl, his fists clenched. “We wait for a sign”

A tiny fly circled the room like a fighter pilot, attracted by the heady aroma of blood in this sterile white and chrome land. Sarah stiffened, sending a prayer to Gods she had long stopped believing in. 

“She has been marked.”

The girl had closed her eyes, a single tear glistened and traced its way down her cheek.
Blood trickled from the Guardians’ palms where fingernails had pressed deeply. 

“Witch, you have condemned yourself by summoning your beasts. Prepare for your sentence.” A triumphant swirl of robes exited the viewing room.

“Sarah.” A bloodied hand slid unseen down the black glass. 

Her eyes found his. “Father.”


This is a first draft, submitted as part of a transmediation project between Stanthorpe Art Gallery and Stanthorpe Writers Group.

Below are photos of the piece of art which served as the inspiration, and the exhibition on display at the Stanthorpe Art Gallery.

art work is "Sarah" by Fu Hong. Permission for reproducing the photograph by Stanthorpe Art Gallery.