Friday, July 24, 2009

The Birthday Sickie

Prompt: Yesterday, your character called in sick on their birthday because they knew their co-workers had a surprise party planned. Write what happens today.

Eyes cast down
Slink in, Coat off
Slide into desk

Press power button
Dammed windows announcement.
Hum and buzz continues

Pile of work
A days catch up
Emails flickering
Sales meeting?
Damn. Moved forward

Scramble with figures
Print out sheets
Clutch to chest
Last into board room

Balloons and streamers
Sally grinning
All knew I hate fuss
Suspected my sick day
Groan and grin

Avoidance yesterday pointless
Pinned today.

Authors Note: Keats I ain't - but it was fun. Given the growing amount of poets who submit, I thought I’d try my hand at this style of expression.


Bill said...

Hi Annie,

Good effort on this. I enjoyed reading you capture the awkwardness of the whole surprise.

I say keep trying new ways of writing. That's what I do. New methods. New genres. All of it channels the creative elements into the written word.

Well done!

M. D. Benoit said...

I know nothing of poetry but I had to giggle through it. You painted a great picture with few words.

Chris Chartrand said...

Darn good piece. It got even better when I read it aloud. I admit to enjoying poetry, but have never been successful composing it. Thanks for being brave enough to explore.

Daily Panic said...

I enjoyed this.

I like the sounds and emotions of avoidance by the everyday work motions and still unavoidable when people want to celebrate!

b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

There has to be a lesson in life here! I like it.

I would agree that we all need to try new styles, genre, and settings for our writing. I will quit writing if I ever figure it all you can see I will be around for a while.


This Blog Of Mine said...

I liked it a lot I thought it was really classy the way you expreesed a sickie lol. Hey
thanks for the comment at this Blog Of Mine from what you said there gave me enough encourage ment to try again this coming friday.thanks again for the nice comment. Blue