Friday, May 22, 2009

Whispering Exit

Prompt: A high-priced prostitute suspects that one of the best customers is falling in love with them.

Bare feet whispered over the plush carpeting as two bodies, slick with perspiration and entwined in a seething, dance of passion; found a place upon the floor.

The dimmed lights within the apartment allowed the flickering candles on a small table on the balcony to intermix with yacht lights twinkling like stars upon the harbour waters in the distance. Plates of half eaten gourmet pleasures sat patiently underneath carelessly thrown crisp linen napkins.

Brittney arched her neck and allowed him to kiss it; shivering as he traced his way with hot breathy touches down to her naval.

She grasped his face gently and pulled it up towards her, enjoying the slither of their bodies together as he shifted his weight over the top of her. Travis kissed her deeply and then smiled at her concerned look as he pulled away.

“Why didn’t we go out tonight? I thought we had tickets to the ballet.” Travis lent on his elbow and brushed the sodden fringe out of her eyes.

“I thought we’d prefer a more personalized setting tonight.” Brittney smiled slyly, flickering her eyes between the hardened muscled torso and his face.

His eyes never left her face as he traced the outline of her cheekbones down to her throat. “I don’t understand why do you do this?”

She lay staring at the ceiling, “We’ve been seeing each other for months, I hadn’t pegged you as the curious type.”

“You aught to be doing something else, boyfriend, husband not doing this.” He nibbled her ear and flicked his tongue around the lobe. Brittney moaned. Travis continued to trace his hand around her throat and ventured toward her breasts.

“Do what exactly?”

“This. Us” Travis hand found her inner thighs and circled tiny touches in a pattern.

She stopped and stared into his eyes looking for a deeper question or emotion, the thrill of his casual word ‘us’ sending a shiver through her nervous system.

“Maybe I like it. I might ask you the same.”

“You are beautiful, a body any woman would scratch your eyes out for and one every man hungers for. You don’t need to be doing this, not with me in anycase.”

Brittany pushed herself up onto her elbow and ran her over his regular face, not the square cut jaw of romance novels, nor the piercing blue eyes of a god. His sensuous mouth smiled with an emotion that reached his muddy brown eyes. Brittney’s heart beat faster as she willed her breath to even out.

He slid his hand along her arm and clasped her hand, loosening her grip on his face; guided it down over his chest. “Roll over onto your back.”

Travis traced his fore finger down her back, stopping in the small of her back and then spread his hand out to slide his fingers around the shape of her bottom. He needed time to think, rather than be distracted by her face, her questions, her evasive answers.

A small beeper on the side table flashed discreetly.

“A call out this late? Did your boss forget where you were?” Travis questioned as his hands stopped their massage.

Ignoring the jibe, Brittney reluctantly crawled to where her dress lay and hunted for her heels. “You know what clients can be like.”

“Brittney, you need to get out. Get yourself a boyfriend.”

Brittany stood and slithered her figure hugging dress over her head. “I don’t have time and I doubt it would mix with my work.”

She slammed a large note on the dresser as she picked up her keys from the dresser.

Travis glanced up at the noise and looked away quickly. “You have an account, you don’t need to do that.”

“I don’t want anyone else. Even if I have to pay for it, I want you. Even if you don’t mean it afterwards, you have only eyes for me when we go out. You call my name when we make love. You make me feel as if there is no-one else for you. It’s a small price to pay, a tiny piece of your heart for a tiny part of your time.”

The door closed behind her whispering departure.


Bill said...

I was wondering whether anyone would swap the roles as you have done (unless I've misread). I liked that you changed them. It made for a more interesting read.

Jodi Cleghorn said...

even having known the roles were changed from our discussions on the way to the theatre it was still intriguing.

I don't think I've ever seen you use so many adverbs in such a small space. There's something about writing romance/sex/erotica etc that screams OVERUSE ADVERBS!