Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chocolate Bar Review... does it get any better?

Dark Ghana 72 % Cocoa

The New Zealand company, Whitakers have been slowly infiltrating the Australian market with their high quality chocolates for a number of years. One of their newest released to our market is their Dark Ghana 72 % Cocoa, which is only available in a 50g chunky block.

Savoring each chunk at a time, the rich roasting of the cocoa beans bursts its way onto the tastebuds. For lovers of a pure Dark Chocolate experience, this is sure to please as its sublime texture and flavour continues as it seeps down the throat. Unlike many competitors dark chocolates, milk is not an ingredient and this will make it a popular choice for those who are lactose intolerant and for vegans. Dark Ghana is an affordable indulgence of quality and taste.

Whitakers roast their own cocoa beans where as most other manufacturers import pre processed chocolate and mix it into their recipes. With consumers becoming more concerned with the purity of their foods and being mindful of allergies, Whitakers have placed themselves as company of integrity and quality for the discerning, Their most popular product is their peanut slab, however this new product may bump it from its pedestal.

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