Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I want to help those in the Queensland Flood, but don’t know how…

Over the next few days, waters will continue to rise - even if it stops raining.

There are a few ways people can help right now ...
  • you can donate to the flood relief appeal -
  • if you live in or around Brisbane and can help with accommodation register here -
  • You can donate to specific towns that have been affected as most have set up their own appeal
  • f you want to volunteer to help - register your skills, time and availability with Volunteer Queensland - who are co-ordinating all of this. 
  • Also check out which aim to connect people to help out.
  • You can if your local register with Disaster Managment Council - group formed made up emergency services and local govt reps with EMQ on all decision making they also are the ones who have a register so you can list as a volunteer, accommodation assistance with pets, caterer for evac halls etc - registering is important
  • If you are any type of entertainer, can face paint, or look after kids with games and activities turn up to one of the evacuation spots and start a show. There are alot of scared people who need their spirits lifted.
  • You could assist with those who have been evacuated as they could not take pets to the evac centres
  • Got a ute or truck?  Help someone shift or move their gear. Storage King  have offered a free month of storage to those affected.
  • You could adopt a town - search for alistings of towns - this changes day by day
  • Gather any of your unwanted or excess stationary, books or IT gear and get it ready for donation to school in affected areas.
  • your community group or group of friends could adopt the town and support the local newsagency and assist with replacing items - same as trade services etc - each town needs money put back in - not in 5 weeks but immediately so the best way to help them get on their feet is find out what the town most needs and support them from there.
  • Organise a clothing, blankets and basic necessity collection and take it to an evacuation spot - or get it to Red Cross or one of the other charities.
  • Keep an eye out for charitable fundraisers such as the 100 stories for Queensland ( contact Jodi Cleghorn regarding this) which will directly assist those in need.
  • Many people will have lost everything. Especially straight after Christmas, this is devastating for kids who have had to leave their homes quickly. Donate toys and games to the Evacuation Centres or collect them to distribute through schools and church groups.
  • In the coming weeks the clean up is unimaginable.  Gangs of cleaners armed with gurnys, gumboots, rubber gloves and stiff brooms will be needed in over 50 suburbs.. you do the math on how many homes have been affected. If you are close - volunteer to help someone.
It is important you understand that working with Disaster Management Council will allow needs to be met so get in touch through Brisbane city council or Toowoomba or the council for the town you wish to adopt!

Good luck and together we can unite and help rebuild!!!


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