Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Peering out at you all

She sheepishly slithers in and takes a seat up the back.. then realises that she is the one who is supposed to be addressing the crowd.. and walks with head hung low to the podium...

Umm.. hello?  Yes you - my faithful readers. I need to apologise for my sporadic attendance over the last few months.

I'd made a pact that no matter what, I would publish a flash fiction on Friday each week... and I've let you down, and I've let myself down.

Yes, there have been circumstances which have made it more difficult for me to write. returning to working full time demanded alot of my writing space.  And, certainly,  my foray into editing and project managing a collaborative writing project was longer, harder and more gruelling than I had anticipated.  I had not fully grasped the reality of holding 10 other peoples stories (times 4...each.... plus the extra 30) and editing them would have sucked every creative thread from my body.

And then of course I had the excuse of my involvement with 100 Stories and setting up of the new series of CYOA.. the list never ends.

So, its a new year and I've already posted Februarys goals up.  These include the return of my weekly stories as well as recording them for Spoken Sunday . I return also to CYOA, but with a better structure.

The foundation, I believe to my creativity has been with friday fiction.  It has birthed Captain Juan and both of the series for CYOA, allowed me to 'meet' writers all round the globe and given me the confidence to submit my work into competitions and anthologies.

My intention is to post this Friday Fiction.. and to continue each week.  Perhaps I will have the creative space to retrofit some of Januaries prompts, but don't hold your breath.

Thanks again for your continued support and comments!