Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking to be part of a Collaborative Writing Project?

Writers, are you looking to work on a truly collaborative project with a dozen other passionate emerging authors?

Are you an aspiring editor, or a writer who is looking to extend their appreciation and knowledge in the process toward publication?

Are you flat out with your own projects, but interested in seeing what this is all about and can spare some time to be a beta reader?
Remember Choose your Own Adventure books?
Ever secretly thought that you could write better endings or plot lines? Wished that there were more female lead character, more guns, more aliens, zombies or whatever?  Here’s your chance to be part of formulating the next generation of CYOA..

We are looking for more team members to immerse themselves in a highly interactive, spontaneous and exciting collaborative storytelling project. There will be three pods of writers - made up by three writers, one editor and one beta reader… and you’ll all be writing around the same stories, and characters culminating in unexpected endings.

Project : Editors and Beta Readers 12 weeks, Writers 8 - 12 weeks ( 8 weeks writing and reviewing, some may be required to continue redrafting)

Publishing Opportunities for this project may include
  • as a subscriber based paid online story and/ OR
  • as an ebook with hyperlinks to be read electronically and/ OR
  • traditionally printed format.
Writers commitment involves:
  • 8 weeks ‘immersion’ with co-writers; i.e keeping in contact with the team via skype to swap ideas, discuss characters and write plot lines in true collaboration style.
  • Committing to the tight timeframe set out at the start on google docs.
  • writing 4 (interconnecting) short stories of 500 - 1000 words (max).
  • working with their pod and editor to redraft and weave storylines during these weeks.
  • keeping in contact with pod after main writing has been completed and assisting with minor tweaks as the story is edited.
Writers MUST
  • commit to the entire process
  • have skype
  • have email and check it every day
  • have access to google docs
  • be prepared to work collaboratively with storylines.
  • be ready for a great time!
Editors commitment involves:
  • writing one story 500 - 1000 words (max)
  • co-ordinating their team of 3 writers and at least 1 beta reader
  • facilitating the collaborative process over skype sessions.
  • conduct one on one feedback sessions as part of redrafting stories
  • Structural edit with an editor partner
  • Line edit with an editor partner
Editors MUST
  • commit to the entire process
  • have excellent negotiation and communication skills.
  • have excellent eye for literary detail.
  • have skype
  • have email and check it every day
  • have access to google docs
  • be prepared to work collaboratively with their team to ensure the best story emerges.
  • be ready for a great time!
Beta Readers commitment involves:
  • attaching themselves to a group and assisting the editor with intial read throughs of drafts
  • providing basic feedback with regards to flow, readability, consistency across the stories and believability.
  • reading alot of stories over the 12 week period
Beta Readers are NOT expected to
  • line edit
  • correct grammar, spelling or punctuation
  • provide mountains of feedback
  • catch up on Skype for all of the RTCs planned ( its nice if they can catch up on a few)
Beta Readers MUST
  • have access to google docs
  • be prepared to work collaboratively with writers and editors to assist them to achieve the best for their stories.
  • be prepared to give gentle but firm feedback.
  • be ready for a great time!
Sound like it could be a bucket of fun?

Please check out the Apply Page and Details Page before contacting with your interest.