Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost in Song

Friday Fiction

This Week’s Theme: Your character was lost in her own thoughts. When she snaps back to reality, she realizes she was singing out loud. Unfortunately, she wasn't somewhere private. How embarrassing...

Anita left the glowing comfort of the backyard makeshift campfire and stumbled into the darkness of the overgrown allotment. Confused and distraught at what she had just overheard, her feet propelled her automatically away from the light and laughter.

Earlier that night, Simon and Quinn had comfortably joined Clarissa and Anita; sitting cross legged on the grass at the party. Conversation had flowed easily as they had similar gripes and concerns with their studies at university. Anita knew Clarissa had been attracted to the tall, curly haired Quinn since they first shared a literature tutorial with him in first term; but for some reason, her usual bravado was absent whenever he was around. Simon was a frequent visitor at Anitas house; being good mates with one of her flat mates. These visits had given her a lot of time to sit next to him, join in on drunken conversations, feeling part of the comradery. Simon treated her with the same easy going familiarity afforded to her flatmate and the other two blokes who treated her house like a second home. Anita felt that delicious edge of uncertainty and sexual tension everytime he was close and was now sure his frequent visits had little to do with visiting her flatmate.

Clarissa and Anita finished their drinks in unison and in an unspoken command got up together to refill; glancing behind them at the boys with secret smiles of promise. Clarissa sauntered towards the bathroom and shrugged at Anita as she discovered the line up. Anita wordlessly walked back to the darkened grassy patch where they had left the boys. Amused at overhearing them planning their next moves on the girls, she stood in a shadow to listen further.

“Sure that Clarissa is a fox, but how are we going to shake that dog? Woof!” Smirked Quinn.
“Huh” grunted Simon, “I’ve seen Anita naked – well nearly and that aint a pretty sight – so fat. Really disgusting.”
Anita started in shock knowing that statement was completely untrue.
The boys both laughed and saluted each others prowess with women and upon spying Clarrisa approaching them, cheered even more.

Anita quickly looked down at her size 14 body and a tear slid down her cheek. In direct contrast to Clarissas exotic size 6 physique, Anita knew she would never be able to compete, but she prided herself with her long locks and bohemian looks.

She crossed an old carpark, full of potholes and broken bottles and climbed up on top of a dumpster. Swinging her legs into the dreary and somewhat smelly depths, she lay back on the half lid and stared up into the night sky.

Anita attempted to pick out familiar constellations and tried to block out the boys conversation. Guitar notes have a way of floating its way across the distance. Anita unconsciously started to hum along to the well known classic tune of unrequited love . Tonight, the words held a deeper meaning for her. Icy shards of her shattered heart dug deep into her chest. The night sky surrounded her as she sang louder. Anitas torn heart shouted out at the stars and they in turn, glittered and winked their seductive secrets into her soul. She could see Simon’s face; reacting - in her fantasy, with remorse. Anita climaxed with the songs most desperate plea, imagining Simon’s face softening as he approached her to passionately embrace her, wiping her tear streaked face and stroking her hair. As they embraced his shirt crinkled and clinked. Anita frowned. Shirts don’t normally have a plastic crinkle quality about them. She jerked herself up into a sitting position and looked straight at a puzzled middle aged man holding two large garbage bags. Behind him in the apartment block; which had been darkened when Anita had arrived; was several; now lit - balconies containing couples and singles; all staring at her…….

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gautami tripathy said...

I was so involved in this. Sad yet beautifully done..

Jodi Cleghorn said...

Great dumpster moment - I'm loving these characters, but there is little suprise in that??

It could have been even worse for Anita - someone could have thrown a bucket of water on her like they do with cats caterwauling (see I learnt something from reading Hairy McLary!) Sorry I was late in getting to read this.