Monday, September 24, 2012

FGC #27 Out of the Rain.

Explicit Content Warning.

As part of a genre challenge, I have written an Erotic Short Story. If you are easily offended or embarrassed by sexual content, do not read on.

Carlyn pushed against the door relieved when it released and allowed her in. Rivulets of water streaked her blouse, its thin gossamer clinging to her skin.  Her nipples threatened to push their way through the fabric.  Hot breath formed a cloud once inside. A distant siren wailed, sending shivers down her body.

“Crazy night huh?” The voice satin smooth. Carlyn froze, clutching her sodden blouse. “I’m sorry, I though I’d find a dry spot, just until the worst was over. I didn’t break in. The door, it was.”
“Open. I let myself in too.” A heavy jacket slid over her shoulders. her eyes adjusted to the dim light as she made out the shape of a broad man.

An explosion rattled the windows. Carlyn crouched out of habit, her eyes brimming with tears. “When will this all end?”

Gentle hands gasped her shoulders and encouraged her to stand. He quietly shh’d as she pulled emotions into check. She gripped at his shirt as another explosion ripped at the street outside. Carlyn loosened her grip on his shirt; suddenly aware of the proximity between the two and shocked as her body reacted to him. She flattened her hand against his chest, allowing a moment to delight in the firmness underneath his cotton shirt. Her breath shortened as her heart hammered. She could feel the blood rise around her own cheeks. Swallowing hard, she dropped her hand; hoping he’d not sensed the flare of hormones she thought had died within her; killed off by the constant fear of death following her steps.

“We might be here for a while. Come away from the doorway at least.” 

Carlyn  smiled, “Thank you. For being so kind and ” she ran her hand over the suit jacket, “Well, for making sure I didn’t freeze.”

His hand caressed her tight grip and they stared at each other.  His arms slithered around her and gently held her as she shook. She allowed her form to meld into his. The faint armoma of the warm spice on his body  grew stronger. Alarmed at her lack of self control she attempted to push him away. 

”I’m not normally like this. I’m sorry.” She attempted to straighten and sit up. His arms loosened, but continued to press against hers as his hand rubbed her back gently. Carlyn shook her head and took a deep breath. She could feel her heart racing as his hand continued to stoke her shoulder.  Eli’s hand ran up her arm and brushed across her cheek. His smile calmed her as the air between them sparked with intention.

“The bombing is worse tonight. We might be stuck here for hours.I’m Eli.”


He brushed a hand across her hair. “You’re very beautiful.”   One hand slid down to her arm. He moved in closer, his hot breath tickled her throat. “But you’d hear that all the time.”

Carlyn’s breath shortened. She’d never felt the rush of emotions which now coursed though her body.   She rubbed her face against his and nibbled at his ear. “Not in a long time. I’m all -” 

“Alone?” Eli’s lips met hers; lingering as they breathed in one another’s desire.  Carlyn brought her hand up around the back of his neck. 
She gasped at the firm touch. He took her open mouth as an invitation to explore. His tongue flickered possessively around her lips, flittering against her teeth before plunging into the cavity of her mouth. 
They both groaned as the kiss deepened.

As Eli’s hands clutched around her body, Carlyn’s fingernails ripped the back of his shirt as he pushed her onto the floor.  He breathed her scent in as rubbed his face down her chest, finding the bottom of her shirt and lifted it with his lips.  She gripped the ends and pulled them apart, the buttons ricocheting onto the floor boards. His tongue danced around her navel as his fingers stroked her hips. 
Carlyn felt a heat flush pulsate through her body as she groaned and thrust her pelvis up. Eli pulled her trousers down her thighs and nuzzled at the mound in her panties. She shimmied and wriggled. “Get these drenched pants off me” she pleaded. 
“So greedy, so demanding.” Eli smiled as he assisted.
She hooked a thumb at the top of her panties to wrench them downward, but Eli halted her with a firm hand. He drew her hand on top of his head as a finger lifted the elastic of the side of her panties. Pushing it back, his tongue slivered over her protruding lips, now wet and sleek with anticipation. 
Carlyn pushed his head toward her pussy and riped her panties away. She bucked against his face, but was firmly pushed down by his hands on her hips.  His teasing escalated as a finger is inserted into her vagina and pushed a steady pressure downward. His tongue flickered around the labia, delighting as it engorged and reddened.

With her control dissolved, Carlyn moaned and gripped his head, her fingers twirling around his hair.  His tongue plunged deep inside her dark red cave.

“Let me. Come up here.” Carlyn horsely cried.  Eli’s attention eased as his slid up to lay beside her. A free hand tweaked her erect nipple and slowly circled it.
Carlyn pushed him over gently and slid a leg between his. “My turn.” She ran her hands down to the zipper and clasp of his pants and teased them open. His cock was swollen, threatening to burst from its confinement within his drawers. She knelt between his legs and smiled across his body at him. Carlyns tongue traced the head gently as she gripped the base and squeezed. She eased her mouth over the tip and slowly lowered her head. She felt his penis throb and quiver inside her mouth, a salty invitation sent heat through her body. Drawing herself upward, she flattened her tongue to lick all the way down the shaft. The wrinkled sack of his scrotum was tight as she teased a ball into her mouth and sucked hard. Carlyn grasped his cock, wet with her salvia and  ran her hand up and down firmly. She could feel the blood pulsing in the thick vein.

“Kiss me”  his gravelly voice begged. Carlyn slid on top of him, delighting in the slick wetness oozing from her pussy as it rubbed against his hairy body. With both legs astride him she eased herself onto his cock, shifting and pushing to enjoy its full length.  Carlyn thrust her legs under his to lock the position his and rocked rhythmically against his thrusts.

Her hair tumbled over her face as she lent over him. “Still want that kiss?” 
“I want it all.”  His hands tightened on her hips as he thrust upward.  He Pulled her toward him and in a fluid movement, they rolled over, so that he was on top. His knees screamed in pain against the hard flooring as he spread her thighs wide.  He penetrated and pounded her, thrusting deeper beneath her belly. She ground in time with him, her heart thundering in her chest.  Just as suddenly, the tension drained away from them as their fluids intermixed, spasm after shuddering spasm.

Eli reluctantly pulled away from her and lay on the floor, staring up into ceiling. “Its nice not to feel so alone. Even just for a moment.” His hand reached over to rest on her belly and stroked it gently. Carlyn’s eyes glittered in the light of the fires outside. “We aren't alone if we are together.”


This was written in response to Write Anything's Form and Genre Challenge  FGC #27 Erotica.

Words: 1306

Reflection: Far out - the closest to erotica I have written is a few smoochy kisses, but I'd rather be writing about things blowing up or dying horribly thank this.  Be kind with your  feedback.. I hope I have done the genre justice.


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far out. for a genre you are not comfortable with you really hit the nail on the head. Well done

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