Sunday, August 12, 2012

Forgive the Sin of Knowledge FGC #22

"You hold your sins as though they are armour. "
"You say that as though its a bad thing."
"They’re your downfall. "
"I don’t regret a thing."
"Even now? Here?"
"I see judgement in every eye staring at me. Not a spec of forgiveness, there’s no empathy, no love." 
"Your ego and pride stop you from seeing the truth. It always has. Please Ayah, without admitting your sins, there is no hope. Think of your family, think of me."
"Knowledge is never a sin."
"You can’t be saved without asking for forgiveness. Please."
"What I have done or not done is between the One and I. Only He has the power to pass judgment. I can only pray what I have done set the path for change in others."
"Ayah, you do understand what’s at stake?"
"Our entire civilisation refusing to question what is beyond our borders, to understand other cultures."
"Enough of the rebellious speech Ayah. Its over. "
"It may be for you."
"Your choices are an eternity in the depths of darkness or to be saved into the arms of the One. Your soul is at stake. Please. For the ones you love. Admit and save yourself."
"I have said my peace. I know where I am going. Do you Rueban?  Really? I’m only the first of those who will stand up to you and your obsessive religious fervour. It’s you who should be worried."
"Then there is nothing else to be said. Open the hatch Brother Midshipman. Let us pray for the lost soul of Ayah Minton. Fear the darkness of space and of the unknown beyond."

"All Hail he One. Fear the darkness of space and of the unknown beyond."


This was written in response to Write Anything's Form and Genre Challenge ,  FGC #22 Dialogue Only

Words - 284

This was also submitted to Friday Flash 


Brinda said...

Great creative use of dialog to pack in a lot of story, Annie. One small thing - toward the end when Ayah says 'I have said my peace' should that be 'piece'?

Unknown said...

Hi! thanks for popping by - and no - she is def meant to say 'peace'... as in she is at peace and has spoken her words of peace.