Sunday, July 15, 2012

Broken FGC (2012) #19

Escaping the cold mountain of words, I crumpled muddy and worn beside the churning rapids. Its termulstuous racket masked my stay, offering souvenirs of a throat raw from howling and stony dry well of tears. 

With knees pulled tight to my chest, I watched the seething river unseeing.   

A leaf bobbed past, exhausted from its journey over frothing rocks and settled uncomfortably on a sunken, outstretched branch of a bramble. Though it clutched and tore deep into its backbone, the leaf serenely lilted away, its tip flicking me a reassuring farewell; gliding unconsciously past the trauma and towards new adventures.

I uncurled and stood, ready to re enter the world.


This was written in response to Write Anything's Form and Genre Challenge , #19 Prose Poetry.

Words - 110

This was also submitted to Friday Flash  ( though technically its a poem.. of sorts...)


Jan Brown said...

Your lead-in phrase is a wonderful metaphor, setting the stage for everything to come. A beautiful prose poem!

Carolyn Wagner-Writer said...

Beautiful imagery. I enjoyed this one.

nerinedorman said...

Lovely imagery.

Adam B said...

Great to be reading your work again Annie. Lovely sustained metaphor.
Adam B @revhappiness