Saturday, April 21, 2012

Betrayal Births Moirai FGC (2012) #11

Suspect it, yet I’ll never tell
Foulest lies poison your heart
you betrayed my trust as well

I should have known it from the start
Now this ill-wrested love has soured
Your hate, from hate birthed from your mind
any goodness from you devoured
all the meanwhile I was blind

Low snipes and envy does you little favours
my strength sucked dry at your leisure
poverty struck my Muse it waivers,
I’ll starve her no longer for your pleasure
     You’ll now feed my pen with plot and skill
     Unwittingly your tainted tongue has birthed goodwill


This was written in response to Write Anything's Form and Genre Challenge ,  Sonnet

This was submitted for #11 of FGC. 

Moirai is defined as the personification of the fates.  

I give thanks to the betrayer of my trust for allowing me to step up and away from a situation I may have become stale ... and ordinary. Truly.. thank you.  I follow my dreams now; all because of you.

This  was also submitted to Friday Flash.


Storm Dweller said...

A pleasant turn from an unpleasant experience. I love it.

Chris Chartrand said...

Nice one Annie. Love how you flipped it in the last line. I'll be honest when I started reading I was thinking "Guh, not another 'lover scorned' sonnet" I was pleasantly surprised with the Inception-like feel of this piece.

Brinda Banerjee said...

Inspirational post Annie.