Thursday, March 8, 2012

Starved - FGC (2012) #5

Arms thrust through earth long turfed. Desperate fingers grasp blindly. Fuelled by hunger, the dead push upward leaving none behind.


This was written in response to Write Anything's Form and Genre Challenge ,  twitter fiction - or "Twit Fic". These are stories under 140 characters.  This was submitted for #5 of FGC. 

Payload Characters : 113
Total Characters : 132

I wrote a few for this, but this is the one I liked best.  Sometime next week, I may publish the others.


One of the most famous ( and amongst my favourite)  'flash' fiction stories comes from Ernest Hemingway.

 For sale: baby shoes, never worn. 

I bet he would have rocked twitter, especially twitfic

Another urban legend/ twit fic style stories is this amusing one ( I'm sorry, I couldn't find the definitive author on this)

For Sale : wedding dress, worn once by mistake.

By definition both of these are far too short to be classified as Twit fic ( with under 50 characters used in either); but it begs the question to all short story writers - do we put too much padding into our work?  I feel a blog post coming on....

This  was also submitted to Friday Flash.


Unknown said...

Nice fic, annie! I enjoyed the imagery you give in it, and how much you fit in there.

I don't think you can be too short for a twit-fic though :P I mean, anything under 140 should count. I even thought of going a lot shorter than the max. characters for my entry too

Adam B said...

Very cool twit fic.
Twit fic certainly makes you work for your supper.
I posted a stack today and have one to go for Sunday.
Adam B @revhappiness

Storm Dweller said...

Love! Love! Love!

Kate Sherrod said...

I always wondered how zombies got started up... 8)

What fun!

Emma Venables said...

Very ominous! I'm a little bit scared now!! Great twit-fic :)

Cat Russell said...

Nicely done!

Unknown said...

You capture the genre well. I like short fiction as well, but when I find something delicious, I want to savor it in full-novel form ;) (Although, I'm not happy if it's only got a drabble worth of ideas or even a short-stories.)

Unknown said...

I love these! Micro fiction is so fun. Great job.

Welshman Paul said...

Very evocative. So easy to picture the scene. And from then on so much could happen.

Chris Chartrand said...

Should have known you would go down the zombie road. :)

Barbara @ de rebus said...

LOVE IT! Wow this is great: "dead push upward" - so evocative and creepy and just all around wonderful. :)

Jan Brown said...

Great story! Love your website, too!