Friday, February 24, 2012

Overused and Abused FGC (2012) #3

drained, dreary;
frazzled and bedraggled
overworked words fill pages
Suddenly big amazing awesome beautiful
so very bad but really good
said great happy interesting that was nice

Words get tired being out too late
forced to visit so many pages,
bushed by the constant appearances
Be kind to manuscripts
leave them alone
cut 10%
Lazy authors - 
Get a thesaurus
use your words wisely
or your audience will disappear.


This  OULIPO Poem was written in response to Write Anything's Form and Genre Challenge  and was submitted for #3 of FGC. 

The format adopted was the snowflake method - where the first line is one word long, the second line has two words, and so on. In true spirit of OULIPO, I then brought the words back and down where the last line was one word - and then up again - sort of like a wave. I am hoping its all in the spirt of experimentation.

This  was also submitted to Friday Flash.


Kate Sherrod said...

Cut if u dare. This OULIPO speaks for manuscripts everywhere! It's funny because it's TRUE.

Chris Chartrand said...

This is really cool. I found this challenge to be quite difficult but you totally nailed it.

Storm Dweller said...

Hahahahaha! Nice. An admonition against lazy words. (And probably sentence fragments too.)

Cat Russell said...

I wasn't familiar with the snowflake method before, so this was interesting to me. I especially liked the last stanza. :)