Friday, June 3, 2011


Darlah drew circles in the spilt sugar on the cafe’s wooden table, pressing them meticulously into the grain as she went.
“Hey Darlah, Here again by yourself?  Didn’t you and?”
She jerked her head up “Yeah - this used to be our favourite hang out after the movies.” She looked out into the street and shrugged.
The waitress stuffed her order book into her front pocket. “Why do you keep coming back if it makes you so sad?”
Darlah stared at the sugar grains. “Dunno Sally. Maybe I feel closer to Pete here than anywhere else.” She picked up her spoon and crushed a granual with the back of it. “Sometimes I just wish. I wish I’d said something more. Its all so unfinished.”
Sally dusted up the granules with her cloth and frowned at Darlah. “Honey, you can’t keep living on regret. You have to move on. There are other - “
Darlah twisted her mouth as she looked up. “You make it sound like we were a couple.”
Sally collected the empty coffee mug. “You guys used to spent all your time together and when you weren’t hanging out, you were on the phone, texting or on skype.  You lived in each others pockets.  And then.”
“And then it ended.” Darlah snapped her fingers. “Just like that. No warning. A huge void of dark nothingness.” A fat tear rolled down her cheek.  “I can’t help it Sally, I miss my best friend. I just wish.”
“Listen to me Darlah. The both of you are as stubborn as the other.”
“But I didn’t do anything. She needs to apologise to me.”
“What for?” All pretence of tidying the table ended as Sally slipped into the seat opposite Darlah.
Darlah slapped her hands on the table. “I don’t know. Being a first class snob?”
Sally grabbed her hands. “Don’t you think she is sitting somewhere right now wondering what happened to her best friend?”
Fat tears rolled freely. “No. I don’t. She just left me behind. She didn’t look back once.” She swiped her finger across her iphone, tapped an icon and typed in a name. “See. She’s out with a group of her new friends.” Darlah stared at Petas the smiling face. “Looks like they are having a wonderful time.”
“You’ve been stalking her on facebook?”
“What?  Isn’t that whats its for?” Darlah closed the app and stared at Sally.
“Unfriend her or call her and apologise. Otherwise, you deserve to stay miserable.”
“I should complain to your boss, Sally. You’re not exactly doing your job.”
Sally stood and crept her arms around Darlah’s shoulders. “Sorry Babe. My job description of big sister is being a pain in the arse. I doubt Dad would sack me no matter what I did.” Darlah smiled through her tears. Sally gently guided her to stand. “Life's too short being worried about other peoples problems. Sort this bump out, or it will cause a wrinkle in your whole journey.”
Darlah nodded and picked up her iphone. With a swipe of a finger, she took her next definitive step. 


This is a first draft.

Use this sentiment or theme for your story “I miss my best friend”

Story inspired by the [Fiction Friday] prompt at Write Anything  and submitted to JM Strother’s #FridayFlash via Twitter. 

I do plan for this story to be recorded and posted up for Spoken Sunday via Audio Boo at a later stage.... whether it happens or not is a different matter.


Emelina Minero said...

This is really good. I liked how information was revealed about the characters and the situation. At the beginning, I thought one thing was going on, but little twits kept on revealing what was actually happening. And I liked how you transitioned between their conversation. How you cut the character's speech, and made it transition fluidly and naturally to the other speaker.

Stacey said...

I love the reference to facebook... makes it very real! I hope they work out their differences!