Friday, October 9, 2009

Surviving the Ratings

Prompt: Pick your favorite movie monster and give it a makeover

Each week I also rise to an additional challenge - that to explore a different genre or writing style. This week I visit Fan Fiction.

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Kurts pale eyes flickered up at the blond make-up artist fussing over him. His hair had never done as it had been asked and now stood straight upward, as if in revolt to the myriad of hair products utilized on it in the past half hour.

He glanced menacingly at Carina. She had stood for the last hour in the same pose, rooted to the spot; with an expression mixed between fascination and horror.

“And you’re sure this is a good idea?” Kurts lips curled slightly emphasizing his short canines.

Carina glanced down at her IPhone, swept her hand over the screen and studied it for a moment.

“Give me some credit here Kurt. Your ratings are at an all time low. We need to boost your image. You need to be more accessible to your fans; what there are left – and this gives you a chance to attract new ones – a younger market.”

He growled and turned his attention toward the brightly lit mirror.

“Ok, Eyes closed, I need to put a base coat to stop the sheen.”

Kurt inwardly groaned. That squeaky high pitched voice was about to tip him over the edge, years of counseling and anger management or not.

“After your last indiscretion, its amazing you have been given the opportunity to appear on television ever again.”

Kurt leapt up , bouncing the makeup artist across the room with satisfying splat. “Indiscretions? How come Robert Downy Junior can be sent to jail for what he did and now look at him? He can’t do a thing wrong in Movieworld. I was never convicted. No-one can prove a thing.”

“Get a grip and remember who you are talking to. Hollywoods first rule – love your agent!” Carina ran her hand over the prone girls forehead and then felt for a pulse. “At least this one is still alive. You’ll need to take a chill pill when you are in there.”

“But Mystery Celebrity Big Brother? Is this really the best you could come up with. Seriously Carina?”

Carina stepped over the body and brushed her thin white hand over Kurts shirt. She closely scrutinized his overall appearance carefully. “You’ll do, I don’t think we need to call for another make-up artist. Come on, I’ll introduce you to the new hosts. Just remember, they think you are DJ Wolfman Jack.”

Kurt glanced uncertainly down at the body. At least there was no blood this time. “Ahh, Carina, he died fifteen years ago. Won’t some of the other guests realize I’m not him?”

“Please. Paris Hilton is one of the housemates. The others have just as much intellect as she does. They won’t have a clue.”

Carina smugly grinned as she watched Kurt unconsciously tug and scratch at his clothes on his way to the studio and Big Brother set. The payout she would receive once the inevitable occurred during the moonlight skinny dip challenge would be enough for her to escape from Hollywood and whatever fall out occurred. It was a dirty scene and she was sick of it in anycase. Kurts guest appearance tonight tied up so many lose ends for so many people. She glanced again at her screen, watching the ratings for the live episode mount. How Kurt could think that some hairspray and foundation could constitute a make-over for his kind beggared her belief. Flicking her IPhone into its case, she sashayed out the door and toward her new life.


Uncle Tee said...

That was cool Annie...I like how you put that all together with todays technology and facination with reality shows. Nice Job.