Friday, September 11, 2009

A Silver Dagger of Dread

Prompt: Your character is determined to do something they know to be a mistake.

Each week I also rise to an additional challenge - that to explore a different genre or writing style. This week we visit horror – thanks to Williams suggestion. I have also decided to write in a different point of view - one I've never tried before.

If you’d like to suggest a genre for me to write in next week – please leave it with your comments!

“Ya sure your aunt won’t mind us just lobbing up here?”
Three heads crowded around the heavy wooden doorway and peered into the expansive living area.

You grin widely and opened the door to let your friends in and say confidently “Shes away for summer. As long as we leave things like we found them – no-one will be the wiser. Right?”

Carl slaps you on the shoulder as he muscled his way in. “I brought beer. Wheres the telly?.” You wonder if that was a friendly ‘friend slap’ or whether his hand lingered a little longer than it needed to. You watch him saunter into the space and wonder when the low slung jeans will submit to gravity and fall to his knees. You are sure he hasn’t any underwear on today. You blush and try and look away.

Amanda totters in. You wonder how she managed to ride her bicycle in heels that high. She lifts one of the sheets covering the lounge. “Whats with the covers?”

You shrug.

She fluffs them, sending tiny particles of dust into the last rays of sunlight. “Its a bit old fashioned. You know, a bit weird.”

You wonder if she is actually saying that you were weird and old fashioned and hope that Carl hadn’t heard. Marco saves the uncomfortable silence and slings his arm round your shoulders. “You haven’t met her aunt.” You all giggle.

A crackling hissing noise suddenly starts around the corner. Carl must have found the television, but as per her routine, your Aunt has unplugged the aerial.

Marco flashes you a smile. “I’ll sort it. Why don’t you and Mandy get the rest of the food and gear in for our little party tonight?”

A silver dagger of thrill rips through your body as you think of being in close vicinity to Carl Handers overnight. Your feet woodenly make their way out to where everyones bicycles are leaning against the staircase and railings.

Amanda grasps the backpacks and bags at the bottom of the stairs. Shes stronger than she looks. “How come the power still on? Shouldn’t your Aunt turn it off while she is gone?”
You shrug again. “She likes to keep a light on in different rooms – makes it look like someone is still here. Its good for security.”
Amanda sniffs, looking about the sleepy street. “Can’t imagine anything more exciting than a dog shitting on the lawn happens here.”

That silver dagger thrusts itself into your gut as you try not to imagine exciting things happening under the doona covers later tonight.

After demolishing the masses of junk food we had brought along, everyone settles under sleeping bags on the floor to watch the third DVD.

You read the title and a small sheen of sweat glows on your brow. “That’s rated M +. How did you get your hands on that Carl?”

He gives you a wink and slugs down another beer. “Same way I got these of course.”

“Well what I was going to say was I love horror as much as the next person and we all know its all just tomato sauce and the stories are so ludicrous they are laughable. I just thought maybe we all might like to see a classic next instead of that?” You hope your voice didn’t resound the whiny tone it had in your head. Your hand trembles at the thought of watching the movie Carl has in his hand.

“Not scared are you?” Carls blue eyes etch deeply into yours. You hold your breath, hoping he doesn’t hear your hammering heart.
“Course not. Put it on. We’ll all have a laugh.” The sound of confidence in your voice gives you some hope that you will actually enjoy it.

The flickering peaceful images of the opening scene give way to blood spattering and screams within moments. We all laugh nervously.
“See? Not that bad and the body count is already 5 within the first few mins!” Carls eyes flashed as he grabbed another beer and gulped deeply.

“Hey Nessie, it’s a bit cold. Where does your aunt keep her spare blankets? You know not the ones on her bed or anything.”

You can see Marco visibly shaking but are unsure if its from fear or the sudden drop in temperature the house has experienced. You point toward the spare room. She’s got a cupboard in there full of blankets and pillows. Help yourself.

Marco folds his arms around himself and lurches off into the darkness. “Hey the light in here isn’t working. Never mind – found the cupboard.”

Vaguely you hear him opening the cupboard door and the soft plumpf of pillows falling. You smile and chide yourself. You had meant to warn Marco that your aunt overstuffs her cupboards and to be careful.

Another pair of teenagers are dispatched in a gory manner and your all scream at the brutality and suddenness of the attack. Carl shifts slightly toward you and you drink in the warmth his body is exuding. You dismiss a thump from the other room and the muffled surprised question as you lean nonchalantly in past Carl to reach for a beer. Your eyes lock as he grins at you and opens it with a flourish. You try to smile back after taking a swig of the bitter warm beer but only manage a grimace.

The unseen alien/ monster captures a few of the teenage stragglers and drags them to its lair. Your heart is hammering as the camera pulls into a wide shot detailing the full horror of its hunting trip at the summer camp. Amanda screams and hides her head. You feel like vomiting, but are unsure if it’s the beer or what you just saw. The smell of warm blood curls around your head, teasing your nostrils and threatening your stomach to take it one step closer to bringing to light its contents.

“Wheres Marco?” Amanda whispers. You nearly laugh. She is trying the old ‘I’ll just get distracted by something and have to leave the room so I don’t have to watch any more of this trick’. Your eyes are glued to the screen, following the heroines steps as she slinks past the monsterous feeding scene. She is tantalizingly close to escaping, but any sudden movement or noise could alert the alien. You hold your breath and allow a little of it to escape to answer Amanda. “He went to get a blanket in the next room. But he might have had to go to the loo.”

She screams. The heroine is frozen, staring at the gorging monster.

“I just felt something grab my leg.” She flings her doona cover about and flaps her hands over her foot.

“Shhhh” Carl and you hiss at her. As one you both turn your attention back to the screen. Thankfully the heroine hasn’t moved.

We all scream as a second monster appears to the left of her and a chase scene begins. Amanda continues to scream and gurgle, but quietens down as the heroine climbs out of the sewer system and runs into the arms of a muscle bound army officer.

The television suddenly blacks out and the rest of the house plunges into an inky darkness. Carl shifts beside you and you hear him take another swig of his beer. “Your Aunt forget to pay her electricity bill?” he laughs and you also attempt to chuckle.

“Hey Amanda, you can poke your head out now – the movie is over.” Carl rolls to the side and you hear him kick the area she had been laying.

“Where’d she go?”

The silver dagger rips down your front and plunges into your heart as you begin to shake and try to stand.

“Mandy? Marco? Stop fooling around. Turn the lights back on. This isn’t funny.” You call out hoping to sound confident .

There is a small flash of light which illuminates Carls surprised face. As it fades, blood vomits from his mouth and you begin to scream.


I'm not a fan of horror – especially slasher type movies. However, if I do watch them, I am constantly shouting at the main characters not to open the door ( or cupboard etc) Sadly they never listen to me – to their ultimate and bloody demise. I was influenced by the pappy teenage horror flicks for this story.


Chris Chartrand said...

Nice and spooky. Great use of the silver dagger in the story. I must admit I found it hard to stick to the POV. Not because of the writing or any technical reasons, it's just hard for me to imagine myself getting excited about Carl's pants falling off. :) A challenge of that particular POV I guess. That said, you totally nailed the scary bits.

Anonymous said...

i am not a big horror fan either though I did go through a phase in high school...I have definitely never tried to write it. You got my heart racing, for sure and I was mentally screaming at your characters! I love the way you used the 2nd pov here, which I know is not easy, but w/ the genre it works so well, b/c the reader is right there in teh danger zone, and I found myself wondering who was telling the story, especially when the "We" pops in...was there another character? spooky!

this Blog Of Mine said...

very nice and scary I liked it a lot Some day I'm going to give it a try too.

Blue said...

thanks Annie for visiting This Blog Of Mine. I appreciate your comments. I found another meme this weekend and I knew I had to leave my mark once again it's just me I have to. Check it out let me know what you think about it ok?