Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dream Catcher

Prompt: Write about a three way misunderstanding .

This first draft story has ben removed so that it can be edited and rewritten for use in competitions or submissions.


Unknown said...

thanks for popping over and leaving a comment - I am out of internet range alot of the time for the next two weeks and I WILL come and comment on your story if you leave your link here. I value feedback and enjoy reading others work.
My intention was to write a flash fiction of under 500 words based on an experience I have just had in hospital. I hope I captured those helpless feelings.

James Ashelford said...

You definitely caught that helpless feeling, Annie, that loss of control and confused impressions, it was actually a little chilling to read, brought back memories.

Mine own:

Uncle Tee said...

I agree with James...really captured that well with words. Nice. I like the description of Neds eyes too.


Chris Chartrand said...

That was great. I was anticipating one twist in the story and was thinking oh well, she's just hallucinating, then bam! a second twist which brings it back to something sinister. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could write really short stories with that kind of impact. Great scene setting and twists. Really good.

Mini is here



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This was greeat to read