Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Loving Hut

#27 Review an Alternative Style Restaurant

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Love Vegan food – or just trying to make better food choices when out but find it difficult to locate? The Loving Hut is a new concept in chain store cafes, providing healthful, nutritious food at very inexpensive prices and are being established around the world. Their concept is to be sustainable, earth conscious and affordable whilst maintaining popular dishes.

The Loving Hut in Mt Gravatt have been open for a few months and our family have made it a regular outing since our first discovery. Snacks and salads are under $5 and meals under $10 with servings being generous. Our family usually opts for a shared meal of Vietnamese rolls, stuffed with bean curd and crunchy vegetables, spring rolls and delicious dipping sauce, Singapore Noodle Salad with its shredded vegetables and rice noodles and satay sticks with its fried bean curd and crunch veges skewered and smothered in a slightly spicy peanut sauce. Gluten intolerant diners and Raw Vegans can also easily choose from the wide variety of tasty dishes offered. Topped off with one of the best vegan no-cheesecakes and soy coffees I’ve had, this was a very inexpensive, child friendly, healthful dining experiences I have had the pleasure of enjoying.

Diners who usually eat a modern western diet will be enchanted with delighted with the array of dishes which bear the taste and texture of what they may expect; but without the animal cruelty involved.. We were bemused by a pair of diners beside us as they were obviously enjoying their meal and had misread the menu, believing that they were eating “normal’ foods. The gentleman complimented the staff on the best beef and black bean stir fry he’d ever had.

Its clean open spaces, friendly and knowledgeable staff coupled with its very reasonable priced menu will make this café a favoured amongst any who visits.

Five thumbs up from this satisfied family.

More information can be found on line at The Loving Hut


Ian said...

Loved it, Annie.
Thanks so much for finding this place and bringing it to our attention! We'll definitely be going back there.