Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Adam Hills..... Inflatable

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Adam Hills is best known as the compare of ABCs Musical quiz show – Spicks and Specs. However he began his career and is committed to continuing it on the stand up comedian circuit and as such has recently opened his new show Inflatable; touring internationally this year.

Inflatable takes you through an emotional journey as Adam skillfully crafts the audiences experiences through his seamless storytelling style of comedy.

Within a spilt moment of the audience laughing hysterically, he quietens them into a somber introspective moment seeking meaning within our own lives; the effect we have on others and the nature of friendship.

Adams material was fresh, enlightening and executed in a naturalistic and well pace manner.

Adam is currently in Edinburgh for the festival there – tickets are now on sale and will not last long.

For further information on Adam, or his work check his website and blog.

5 thumbs up

For the uninitiated, Adam singing the national anthem is a feature which is a must. ( and something that we as conscious Australians aught to lobby for as a permanent change)