Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Noah and his ark for the little ones - Review of a Toy.

#25 Review a Toddlers Toy

Fisher Price have long been the bastion of quality educational toys promoting safety and durability. Within their Little People range, are a delightful series called Peeka Blocks. Noahs Ark features as an add on play accessory to this interchangeable set.

The Ark includes Noah, two elephants, lions and zebras and giraffes – where all the animals and blocks store inside the ark.

The pieces are easily grasped by chubby hands with doors and movable pieces easy to manipulate. Activities for the younger child includes discovering cause and affect and imitation of the noises found aboard. The toy encourages cognitive abilities by fostering thinking skills as they discover different ways to activate the sounds within the ark. Motor skills are enhanced through staking and sorting blocks and animals.

As they grow older and embrace the imagination stage, the animals will partake in staged events and storytelling. Additional blocks and animals are available to build the variety within the ark.

Made from durable hardened plastics, Noahs Ark is easy to keep clean, though if subjected to oozing mess which hardens with time, there are corners which might prove difficult to extract all mess from. Noahs are is not orientated toward one or the other sex, though this reviewer would have preferred Noahs wife to feature as well. Storage might be an issue as its an odd shape and once the collection grows, not easy to pack away altogether.

Whilst the set is not cheap, the sturdiness and durability of the toys must be taken into account. Especially for a family who are encouraging the Christian faith as an inclusive lifestyle, this toy proves an invaluable learning tool. Fisher Price toy as available in most quality toy stores and online.


Laetitia :-) said...

Noah's wife...and their three sons and their wives too. :-)