Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cleaners which don't cost the earth

#24 Review a cleaning product

Earth Choice product range aim to meet the growing number of consumers who have environmental concerns regarding their cleaning products.

Their packaging has been specifically designed to reduce environmental impact and waste of resources using recycled materials. The company do not use phosphates in their products - a chemical that pollutes waterways and causes skin irritations for many sensitive people. Their biodegradable products mainly use plant-derived ingredients and not tested on animals.

Road – or rather Bench – Tested today was their spray and wipe product. Sticky and oily messes were easily cleaned up and comparable in results to its chemical cousins. The fine spray pump action nozzle distributes the product evenly and refills are available beside the full packs on the supermarket shelves. For consumers looking for a mainstream, inexpensive and effective but environmentally friendly product range, this certainly fills the bill.

Earth Choice cleaners are readily available in most supermarkets at a mid price range. They have an extensive ranger from washing up liquid, laundry liquid, wool wash, surface spray, shower cleaner and toilet cleaner as well as the floor cleaner; all of which do not have a chemical smell, but rather a neutral or fresh plant aroma.

Rating: 4 green leaves
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