Friday, December 19, 2008

A Dark Present

Write a short scene, with exactly 2 characters that involves a terrible Christmas (or similar holiday) present.

Lori tracing her fingers through Shauns thick chest hair and then giggled. “I can’t wait till you open my present you’re going to sooo love it!”, her black fingernails a stark contrast to the white skin on his chest. She rested her chin on his chest and stared into his blue eyes.

A rotund brightly wrapped present squatted on the dresser and glared at the couple on the bed.

Shaun sighed and gently pushed Loris head away. “Get off, you’ve got a bony chin.”

“That’s lovely that is. I’m trying to be romantic.”

“Oh Lori, I’m sorry. Its late – its past midnight and I have to meet your family. I want to make a good impression.”

“Yeah Christmas is a drag at the best of times – but hey – they cope with me and what I have done with my life – I think they are just relieved I have a boyfriend.” She pushed her long black fringe back from her face.

“So that’s the plan – I am just something to get your Nan off your back.?”

“No Fair! You’ll know how much I love you when you open my present. Its something for the bedroom.”

“So, do I need to open it alone? “ Shaun grabbed her by the arms and flung her to the bed, pinning her squealing form to the silken ebony sheets and began nipping her ears.

He growled, “Its past midnight, so technically its Christmas. I think I might open it up now and use whatever it is on you right now.”

Shaun leapt off the bed and grabbed the present, nimbly jumping back onto the bed with bright eager eyes. Lori had been talking incessantly about the present for weeks, ever since she had found the mysterious shape in an exotic market in the hippy mountians somewhere. It was heavier than he had expected, but banished the thought that plastic or latex sex toys – or similar he was certain to be found inside the box would not weigh that much.

Lori sprawled on the bed, still clad in her spiderweb cloak, her dyed black hair melding with the midnight sheets.

Shuan ripped the last pice of paper off and stared at the pair of glossy black claws, unable to formulate any response.

Lori sat up and grabbed them.

“Aren’t they the best? Dragons Claw candle holders. I said you’d love them and they’ll be perfect in the bedroom. “

Shauns mouth open and closed with a bare squeak emitting from it.

"They're not real silly - just carved stone." Lori was busy putting black candles inside the claws to notice the bitter disappointment on his face.

He rustled the paper, hoping the had missed an important extra gift, not noticing Lori until she had pushed him over and lay atop him.

"Now, where were we? How much do you love those candle holders? "


Jodi Cleghorn said...

Just how much do YOU love those candle holders??

Poor Shaun - family and a bad Christmas present!

Anonymous said...

How sensuous the language is--glossy black nails, midnight sheets, the glaring package. I think she bought the candle holders for herself;)