Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is what Winning looks like

Jodi and I have crossed the NaNoWriMo Line - yeeeeee hhhhhaaaa.

To mark the joyous moment - I am sharing with you what winning looks like....

great cocktails huh Jodi????

please make sure you come visit our NaNoWriMo websites to actually READ what we have produced - a chapter a week will be published all year - so read now - before we become famous ... and you have to buy the book!! he he......

Mistress Moon written by ME!!

The Blue Melissae written by Jodi Cleghorn


g said...

Hi there, a while ago we had talked about exchanging blogroll links.

I was supposed to get back to you after I linked to your blog so you could link back.

I linked to your blog already. When you have some time, please link back ok?

cheers, michael wong at: