Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Name Me

It would spoil the story if I told you what the prompt was........ so read on - its at the end.....

I settle down to watch her by leaning up against a wall.

She acknowledges her opponent and they stalk each other around; circling, waiting for the other to make the first mistake; to take advantage of the slighted flitter of concentration.

Its there and she lunges forward. Her opponent deftly pivots at the last moment and the blow goes unlanded. She draws her self to her full height and recognizes a more dangerous enemy than she had suspected initially. A kick explodes into her chest, sending her staggering backward. Raw energy exerted as fists lunge outward. Primeval screams fill the hall, setting the metallic chairs singing beside me.

“Ippon, No catch”

It’s a good spot as I hide behind parents who spend the time gossiping and not watching their children going through the motions. This exchange hardly raised an eyebrow or turned a hair. The two opponents bow to one another and withdraw from the centre of the ring.

Its my turn as the younger students file out – bowing to the teacher and to the rest of the class.

She grasps me tenderly and reverently, we spin in unison her fist flying; stopping a breaths width from her opponents throat. I spin giddily around her body, my form blurring against her white uniform. Arm extended and palm horizontal to the floor, her legs stretched out with her body mere inches off the ground. She stay there poised for a heartbeat, before launching herself toward the ceiling and catching me on the journey upward.

We complete our predetermined series of movements and formally retire from the arena. She kneels and lays me beside her and we watch the rest of the class together.

Our task this wee was to write from the POV of an inanimate object involved in an action scene...... go to the comments for the answer to what this object is - I have posted the answer on the first one.


Unknown said...

The object is a japanese wooden staff - either a Jo or a Bo and this story set within a Karate class. It was hard not to give too much away... thanks for visiting and your comments.

Mainframeguy said...

well - I thought a foil in fencing - but I had just read a prior post with a knife for a weapon - I suspect weapons may feature heavily - twice so far!

~willow~ said...

I figured the object was a nunchuck, but upon rereading I suppose that couldn't lean up against a wall, LoL! I like how you described the spinning in unison, spinning giddily, it sucked me into the action.