Friday, October 10, 2008

Generated Titles - a Tagged Meme

Tag you're it!
Procrastination number #444

It seems I have been tagged again by my friend Jodi whilst she was trolling through the NaNo forums (because it seems to be a new form of procrastination, er hem, I mean research for all of us) She came across the Random Book Title Generator . Looks like a bit of silly fun.

I generated 6 and have given my first impression of what I the story would be about. I swear these are the first six I got. I wonder why they all look like porn books to me?

Cracked Boy – The story of a heartbroken lad whose heart is mended by a drug addict.

Scent of Elves – sounds like a X Rated Lord of the Rings

Ice in the Lover – cold hearted hero, finds hot steamy love in the North Pole.

Touch in the Boyfriend – what?

Silent Ring - I am not even going to go there

So I am tagging……



Jodi Cleghorn said...

Porn books?? Names for Hentai (or however you spell it because my brains been absent all day) cartoons more like.

I can't wait to see what other people generate. Porngraphic elves - that's just wrong. Did you see on the internet news that the little dude who was the bad guy in Austin Powers has been charged with gang rape? Just on the topic of strange mystical sized folk and sex.

Laetitia :-) said...

That's hilarious. Here are mine:

Rough Healing - battered, down-trodden woman finds healing with the love from a sheep shearer - possibly an 'Harlequin' title;

The Bloody Lover - the hero or heroine is a butcher;

Death of Light - murder mystery - victim's surname is Light, set in the 'dark' ages (groan, groan);

The Nothing's Luck - person always overlooked for the school sports teams / romance / jobs gets a lucky break when they win the lotto - how will they deal with the riches and gold-diggers?;

The Children of the Return - historical novel based on the return of the Jews to Jerusalem from Babylon;

Sex in the Lover - what the? Sex of the Lover / Sex in the Louve, I could come up with something but this doesn't even make sense.

Laetitia :-)