Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Conference Celebrations.

#18 - Review a Conference

EDITORS NOTE: This entry has had to be heavily edited due to compliance issues. Apparently you aren't allowed to mention this companys name anywhere. I am completely dumfounded that action has been taken against my blog - but a bit amused too. So - the mention of the nice lillies as table decoration, how excited I was about winning a stuffed gorilla, my feedback about the polite waiting staff and what a wonderful time I had, has upset a multi billion dollar company. shhheeesh. seriously.
Perhaps if this had been negative or derogatory or even had any product claims or any information at all about the products ( which is doesn't) I might have understood.
Anyway - if you no longer see blog entries from me and hear I turned up with cement boots in the river - you'll know why...

Celebrating ten years in the Australian Market is BLAA company BLAAA. Its Australasian conference at the Gold Coast was open to all its independent associates with accommodation and full conference attendance as an incentive prize for hundreds around New Zealand and Australia.

Having been to many differing company conferences, I was a little jaded by the razzmatazz purported in the lead up information, but soon saw that this was not shallow nor a spiced up spin.

The Royal Pines on the Gold Coast is a five star Hotel which has recently undergone extensive renovations. Its rooms and public areas beautifully appointed and sporting original works of art and sculpture. The three day conference packed in speakers from around the globe, detailing product launches, information sessions and motivational workshops. A formal dinner recognized the award winners for the year and a celebratory costume party knocked everyones socks off till the early hours.

Don Elgin – Paralympics gold medalist - held an intimate breakfast question and answer session with six medalists from the Beijing Olympics along the pool side one morning as well as hosting the closing address of the conference. Of note is that the athletes from the Team BLAA, are not paid to be part of the group or to promote the products; they are given appropriate company products to support their training, with the results clear in their progress.

Dr BLAA shared his latest research into obesity and health, launching an exciting new product in the weightloss arena, harnessing new technology and research patented to BLAA. There were a lot of very excited participants clamoring to be the first to use the twice double placebo independently tested product.

Table decorations were exquisite at the Awards Black Tie Dinner. Huge vases of sweet smelling pure white lilies complimented the stark black table cloth, softened by the midnight blue sashes around the dressed chairs. The waiting staff were extremely attentive with refills of wine and softdrinks with two assigned per table, each remembering your order and preferences. With over 1300 people seated in a hall waiting to be served a three course formal meal, it might have been easy to assume at least some would be late or served at he wrong temperature. The sea of black and white dressed waiting staff, filling the hall like clockwork was a marvel to watch and one to be congratulated on. The meals were light, beautifully presented and complimented each other perfectly.

Carnival was the theme for the fun night. I had never been to a large company social evening which had been a costume party where many people actually dressed up. Those who hadn’t gone to the effort could have been counted on one hand. The array of luxurious, gorgeous costumes, masks, wigs and accessories was a marvel to behold. The richness of the textures and pure delight of taking on characters fed into the whole night as we poured into the hall.

Small stands of food and drink were spotted around the sides, with something for every taste; Hotdogs, popcorn, fairyfloss, sushi, Chinese noodles, pizza, a groaning table of deserts, and a more traditional buffet of hot and cold food. I positioned myself not far from one of the eight alcoholic slushie machines and drank pina coladas all night. Interspersed between these were fun fair stalls, with prizes of stuffed toys , movie tickets and company products to be won. Rest assured, once I had won a stuffed gorilla, I was determined to capture a bear and some products as well. Throwing hula hoops, knock-em down cans, feed the clown face and other skills based games kept everyone amused for hours. One of the highlights was the overstuffed sumo wrestlers, especially when two of the major personalities of the company climbed into the suits and pitted their skills against one another. Ginormous sacks of balloons were released from the ceiling during the night, floating about the dancers on the floor. The conga was introduced and everyone encouraged to join in – being lead outdoors and onto a darkened golf course. The sky exploded with fireworks and a pumping sound track.

An incredible weekend, full of fun, information and the opportunity to network amongst team members and peers in a relaxed atmosphere. It is difficult to imagine how the company can match or top this experience next year.

Full admission, flights and accommodation to the conference is only one incentive the company runs during the year. Unlike many other companies, the targets are not outrageous or unreachable, as demonstrated by the large number of first timers who had qualified to the conference. BLAA stands apart from others on so many levels, the quality of the internal staff, its vibrancy, the incredible products, its support in charity work amongst third world orphanages and within our own country and least of all the people it attracts to carry its message of hope. For more information about BLAA company - don't email or contact me - I am obviously not allowed to tell anyone about it - eventhough I think they are great and the products ROCK.