Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sandwich to Suit

Reveiw This!

A different combination within a sandwich or wrap.

Having experimented with childhood favorites of the strangely compelling tuna and banana, the ubiquitous milo and the standard cheese and pickles on various rolls, grained, unlevened and wrap style sandwiches, I decided to venture into unknown territories of processed meats and cultural breads.

Cajon beef slices are available from most large chain store supermarkets and has a tangy, spicy edge; not at all hot or unpleasant. With the name I had expected a more smoky or chilly flavour so was affably surprised when it was not the case. To compliment the beef, I chose the Jarlsberg cheese is known for its distinctive sweet and nutty taste – a perfect companion to the beefs tangy nature. To have added tomaotos or a sauce would have over ridden the delicate combination
of the two.

I chose a Turkish roll for its light but firm texture. It is a healthier choice in breads as it
contains no oil, sugar or dairy products. This airier variety allows it to make a better compliment to a wider range of accompanying food without imposing its own deliciousness and taking the meal over. It is part of its appeal, making it a great accompaniment to most dishes. Turkish bread is exactly the same as eating white bread so it's definitely not low GI, but in terms of calories it's low in fat though, and fluffy and delicious.

Portability was excellent – the firm texture of the roll ensured the filling stayed intact and could be helped easily with one hand.

4 thumbs up for taste and portability