Friday, September 19, 2008

Recipe for Love

Memes Prompt - Recall a not-so-endearing trait from a current or past love; now make it an endearing quality in your character.

Rita lent her head against his hairy chest and traced her fingers across his broad shoulders and southward to his navel. Walking her fingers upwards again,she wound them around long strands of his thick hair. She looked up at his face; his furrowed brow deep in concentration.

Grunt,click, click, grunt, scritch, scritch.

Completing his task, he looked down at her; smiled and then brushed her thick hair back from her face.
“You know, none of my other girlfriends could stand being in the same room when I was doing this.”
Rita beamed up at him and pushing her self to a sitting position, gathered the toenail clippings from the sheets and scooped them in her hand. She slithered from the bed and carried them towards the door.
Turning just before she left the room and peaking through her fringe, she silkily purred, “I’ll be back in a moment darling.”

Carl watched her hungrily. She was nothing like the waifs or barbie doll girlfriends of the past; her curvatious figure generous and overflowing in its own sensuality. He felt a growing heat overwhelming his consciousness just by thinking of her and hoped she’d be back soon.

Rita walked swiftly to the pantry and slid her hand to the back, opening a secret compartment. Feeling around in the cavity, she found the jar she was looking for and grabbed it out. Opening it carefully and swirling the vapours and sediment around, she tipped the toenail clippings in, quickly closing it.

She grasped it in her hand and mumbled a low chant. The vapours sparked and swirled inside.
Rita brought the jar carefully to the bench and set it down, staring at the mini fireworks inside. She popped the lid open again and placed a sprig of jasmine and a curl of cinnamon bark into the mix and stirred vigorously. She then allowed the ensuing vapour to escape and surround her. Rita bathed in the multicoloured smoke as it swished and flowed around her body.

“Honey are you coming back to bed?” came the plaintive call down the hallway.

Rita replaced the jar, closed the compartment and ran barefoot down into the bedroom. Sliding back into the sheets, she smiling shyly at Carl. Growling throatily, he said, “You smell so good. Come here, wench, let me show you how much I love you.”

Although those words had been foreign to him in the past and Carl felt somewhat detached from what he had just said; he could not have meant it any more than right now.

Smiling with a feline glee, Rita slid up his muscular body and kissed him deeply.


~willow~ said...

ummmmm,,, toenail clippings as love spell fodder? creepily done!! :)

Anonymous said...

Do you want to know the truth?

This was perfect. One must always be suspicious of such lusty relationships. . . Now we know the truth of how they work, or are worked. I also 'love' the name Carl as someone who would, you know. . . cut his toe-nails on a date.