Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why are you so meme to me?

Thanks to Paul for the heading and for tagging me.. The task at hand is to let you in on six unspectacular quirks about myself and then tag six other bloggers.

Officially, here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tell six unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag six bloggers by linking.
5. Leave a comment for each blogger.

Unspectacular for one thing is a word I doubt will ever be associated with me. A true Phoenix and Scorpio – I do things at 10000miles an hour and at 150% - its all or nothing – boiling hot or frosted cold. People have no doubt in their mind the way I feel about them and I am not shy in my opinions..(go on ask me…..)

So - here are six I have that most of my closest friends won't know about - - until they read this and go - ohhhhhhhhh!!! yeah.......

1. I only drink freshly brewed coffee.
2. I am not a Christian, but will always wear a St Christopher’s medallion when flying.
3. I have a personal parking fairy which follows my car and ensure I get a park exactly where I need it. If I don’t ask the fairy in the right way out loud, then I will have to drive around and around till I find a park or ask correctly.
4. I have three large rings on my right hand – 10 year Eternity Ring, Wedding Band and Engagement ring – all handcrafted originals. I take them off when I got to my Martial Arts classes – but when I put them on again, they must be put on in a certain way, facing a certain way ( a slight leaf design on one ring tells me its upside down, a smaller diamond on another the same etc) and twisted to certain way.
5. If a café has Blackforest Gateaux on the menu I must try it. I am on an eternal search for the ultimate Blackforest.
6. Don’t ever touch my feet. People have been maimed for life for less. I am not ticklish, I just hate any physical touch on my feet. ( picture and pity my poor husband)

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Khaye said...

It's nice to read those cute, funny things about you... :)

Vanessa said...

This one was actually quite fun to do. Thanks for tagging me. I have finally posted mine (here

Nikita said...

Nice one and tks for the tag! Just back from holiday and quite tired at the moment! Will do it soon and let you know! ;)...Nikita