Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saab 9000 CS Review

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Saab 9000 CS 1996

Saab carry a prestigious name in quality, finish and styling within the car world. Sadly a highly priced Saab, once out of the showroom, drops in value each year, greatly out of line with most other brands. However, this represents an excellent opportunity for the savvy buyer, able to pick up an incredible vehicle within a family budget. The Saab CS 9000 1996 model being reviewed today was one such example. The point of difference within its class was that this is a 4 cylinder non turbo making the insurance much lower than its cousins.

The first thing you notice when getting into the car is the large occupant and load space. The front seats supportive and well-shaped, allowing many hours driving without stiffness. For those who are tall in the body, it provides ample head room front and rear, and leg room is also good for the front passenger. Without folding the rear seat, there's plenty of room for luggage, with a long, wide floor and good height. There is tie-down rings on the floor to secure luggage from sliding about and the rear seat is divided in a 60/40 split to provide a flat floor so it acts as a wagon; with the versatility to still carry one or two rear passengers if required. This is a perfect combination for growing families whose trips to places like Bunnings or Ikea often result in large purchases with ordinarily may require a trailer or a ute to deliver them.

It's a pity that with so much load space, the designers saw fit to equip the 9000 with a space-saver spare wheel and tyre. As a car designed for long distances, if a tyre requires to be replaced in situ, it is a long way to the next township at 60km a hour ( the max recommended on a space saver tyre)

Some of the controls are obscured by the steering wheel and the lumber support is sometimes difficult to adjust. I found the space around the pedals to be a little cramped and time to get used to. The passengers in the back may complain of stuffiness as the airconditioning, although excellent for front passengers – is not directed into the back far enough and there are no back vents.

The Saab 9000's squarer styling is a little out of step with the sleek, rounded shapes coming out of Japan these days, but there's nothing out of date about the way it drives or the comfort and features it provides for occupants.

It represent very good value for the buyer who wants a safe, well-equipped European car with plenty of space to carry a family plus luggage. It has many of the safety features as standard you would expect from a newer car.

Availability through selected used car dealers 1996 – 1997 models priced between AU$5 – 10K dependant upon milage and condition.


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