Monday, July 14, 2008

Fortified Wine Review

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Limited Release Botrytis Chardonnay, 2005 by Heritage Estate Winery, Stanthorpe.

Despite not being a good representative of the style of dessert wine it is labled, this understated wine, sipped in small amounts, trickles pleasantly down the throat with a glorious honeyed consistency devoid of the usual cloying aftertaste of its associates. Its colouring is a light golden, too pale for a good quality dessert wine with a lack of depth in colour and very little residual legs .

It has an initial honey and cumquat nose and whilst thin on the tone has a balanced acidity. With a medium viscosity it has a creamy buttery finish accentuating its chardonnay heritage.

This wine would compliment pavlova but would struggle to compliment stronger cheeses such as gorgonzola or blue vein, being better suited to soft, mild or creamy cheeses. This dessert wine is in extremely limited release and only available from the cellar door. Can be Cellared for up to 10 years, though the prime drinking time would be within the next few years.

Established in 1992 and nestled in tiny Cottonvale, on the edge of the winery region of The Granite Belt in Queensland, Heritage Estate Winery serves as a restaurant, café and gift shop.

Built from recycled timbers within the frame of an old apple packing and cold storage shed, the spacious tasting hall is filled with antiques, silver candelabras and the open log fire. Up 60 guests can be seated for formal occasions.

Heritage Estate Winery has a 150 tonne holding capacity producing 80,000 bottles of wine a year. For more information visit them online at.

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Jodi Cleghorn said...

Love the rating system. So can I come over and have a taste too .... I'm intrigued now. And also - I'm impressed with all that wine jargon.

Unknown said...

just have a few more glasses and it flows.... hic!