Friday, May 30, 2008

Drunk on Expectations.

This Week’s Theme:
DRUNK ON......

This first draft has been removed as it has been chosen to be included in my 2008 Anthology and is under consideration for inclusion on a collaborative one with Jodi and Paul.

These will be available here - so do pop over!


Jodi Cleghorn said...

This illicted more than a stiffled giggle - this was a full blown (no pun intended!) belly laugh ... complete with the small kicking of the leg.

You capture the torture of realising you're not young any longer with the physical tormet of trying to get a semblence of it back.

This has a cracker twist at the end. Brilliant!!

Wild Iris said...

I'm glad she grew wise to his tricks before doing something she regretted. Nice twist at the end.

Dalissa McEwen Reeder said...

Hah! That twas funny, my dear! You are too much!