Saturday, April 5, 2008

Picture This Competition #7 (Random photo - 250 words or less)

Holly craned her neck, using the mirrored surfaces to their best advantage to search her surroundings. She had been lured in by the bright lights and signs promoting huge savings in the sale. A sickening sensation filled her chest as she realized that she was now trapped. She searched again for a way out. The smooth, clean surface, sucked in the dark. Its glittering fa├žade a beguiling presentation of doom for passerbys .

Holly began to breathe heavily. Only moments ago, as she wandered into the store picking up brightly coloured t-shirts and holding them up against her chest, she had failed to notice the mirrored tiles closing in around her, shutting her into this luminescent box; now surrounded by mountainous rows of denim and cotton; encased in mirrored tiles. Holly traced her slim fingers along the cracks between the mirrored tiles. Ever resourceful, she began searching for a door or way out. Half an hours tenacity and systematic searching paid dividends. A small latch clicked as she dug her fingernails into it and she found what looked like a door and a way out.

One of the mirrored walls suddenly sucked up into the ceiling to reveal the commandant and his lackeys; clipboards and pens poised.

A solitary figure stood behind her clapping slowly. “Well done, Agent Holly. 42 mins 27 seconds – top of the class.”

She turned and glared,“Don’t I get a day off from all this testing? I was supposed to be out shopping with girlfriends today.”


lissa said...

I didn't expect that secret agent switch at the end. great story.