Friday, March 7, 2008

A Small Spark

Prompt: Start your story with a fire.

This first draft has been removed as it has been chosen to be included in my 2008 Anthology and is under consideration for inclusion on a collaborative one with Jodi and Paul.

These will be available here - so do pop over!


Jodi Cleghorn said...

Ok - I'm breathing now. I didn't realise that I was holding my breath.

And you pumped this out this morning before breakfast? Once unstopped that creative firecracker can't help but go off huh?

You make really poignant comments about townies and bushies - and what is fun is in reality devastating for communities. Having sat through the Ash Wednesday bushfires in the 80's in Victoria it is terrifying. We were a fair distance from the fires, we we had the smoke, the cinders and our neighbours had a dead and burning bird crash into their windows.

Your story is a timely reminder to respect fire!

Chris said...

This story is absolutely perfect from start to finish. I loved every moment. And while the ending was not satisfying in a justice served kinda way, I don't think it would have been true to the story if you had ended it any other way. I thought the last line was spectacular.

Unknown said...

I have to agree with Chris, though I would have thought maybe some guilt or remorse would bait one of the boys into saying or doing something to compromise them. Nicely done from start to finish.