Friday, February 29, 2008

Moral Bankruptcy

This Week’s Theme: Tell a story that unfolds through any form of message that is short and often cryptic such as text messages etc.

This is based on a famous Greek myth, written for modern times through a collection of writing styles including reports and messages from various agencies and departments over the span of 10 years.

Postcard to Mr and Mrs Naut : Hi Mum and Dad, having a great time seeing the world with all my mates. Our tour bus is one of those dodgy old Argos ones, so adventure in itself - if we make to our hotel every night. Tomorrow we are off to some island farm looking at some flashy sort of wool. Sounds boring. C U soon. Love Jason.

Postcard to Mr and Mrs Naut: met up with some of the locals at the pub last night. Really nice girl Mindy helped us lots and showed us around today. Off to some museum tomorrow. C U soon Love Jason.

Excerpt from Postcard to Mr and Mrs Naut: ..Hey, Mindy is actually the daughter of the mayor of this backward place….

SMS to Mr and Mrs Naut: Gr8 news -Surprise! married Mindy.c u soon. J.

Excerpt from IMMIGRATION DEPT – Citizenship for Mindy Naut
“You are granted a temporary visa. Please supply full documentation of marriage and circumstances surrounding your claim for refugee status in order for the department to process your application for citizenship”

Birth notice – Jason and Mindy Naut welcome Theo, brother to Dion. 8lbs 2 oz. Mother and baby well.

SMS Jason to Mindy: Separate account set up 4 U & kids. $ every week. Just go quietly.

Segment from IMMIGRATION DEPT – Citizenship for Mindy Naut
“ your application has been rejected as you have not supplied sufficient evidence of a legal marriage ceremony.”

Excerpt from Mr J Nauts Tax return: $1527.50 – expenses related to entertaining clients.

Thank you note from Florist : Dear Jason, thank you again for your ongoing patronage. Enclosed is your annual tax receipt for $1527.50.

Police Report: Disturbance at 15 Assa Street a domestic dispute. Matter handed to child protection agency for investigation.

Excerpt from child protection report:
Mindy Naut keeps an exceptionally clean and tidy home and has all appearances of an acceptable level of parenting skills.. Her children are well adjusted and intelligent. All distressed at Mr Nauts extra marital activities. Case not related to child protection issues; thus closed.

Newspaper Social Pages excerpt: Jason Naut and socialite Sarah Creon together at their engagement party. Wedding set to be biggest event of the year.

SMS Jason to Mindy: get a grip. Im doing all this 4 U n kids c u 2nite.

Police Report: Disturbance at 15 Assa Street - domestic dispute again. Officers resorted to escorting Mindy Naut from premises. Restraining order in place. Children placed in care.

Excerpt from letter; Piffle Balderdash and Blah, solicitors to Mindy: Under your tenuous citizenship status and illegal marriage claims, we strongly suggest you accept cash settlement from our client and agree to his full custody of your two children.

SMS Jason to Mindy: will drop kids to you for a short visit 2day. They miss you.

La Mode Fashion receipt - $5 455 received for handmade gold thread and crystal dress and hat.

SMS Mindy Naut to Jason: Thx 4 looking out 4 us. pls 4give me. Lets put past behind us. Kids will bring wedding pres over 2nite.

Newspaper Headlines: Socialite Sarah Creon and fathers death shrouded in mystery.

Excerpt from Toxicologist report: “….concludes unidentified highly lethal plant based contact poison embedded through cloth of dress found on victims body. Large amounts found on hands and arms of second victim which also resulted in their death.”

SMS Mindy to Jason: U R responsible for all this misery. No-one to blame but U.

SMS Mindy to Jason: & its not over yet.

Police Report: Disturbance at 15 Assa Street. Neighbours reported childrens screaming. House unsecured. Pools of blood and large kitchen knife discovered and bagged for prints. Neighbours report seeing Mindy Naut driving from the house shortly after screams had stopped.

SMS Mindy to Jason: U & I are free of each other now. Nothing alive is now shared between us. All yr fault.

Excerpt from newspaper: …….Jason Naut was arrested with regards to his childrens disappearance but shortly afterwards released. Mindy Naut is still at large. She is believed to have her two sons with her, but their welfare is unknown.

So… can you guess which Greek tragedy is portrayed here? Often sited as the first feminist plays – displaying woman in a strong position, full of passion, fury, seeking revenge at the expense of her own happiness.

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Unknown said...

This must have been a Greek tragedy I missed in school. But I very much enjoyed your rendition of it.

ChefDruck said...

I enjoyed the different methods of communication throughout the tale. It was quite gripping. My personal favorite is the postcard announcing the marriage. It made me laugh out loud. Or in light of this week's prompt: LOL.

Unknown said...

thanks - yeah - was fun writing - trying to cut down the story make it relevant to our age. Medea is one of my favourite Greek tragedies.