Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Review this - cleaning

Clean this up!

Enjo was introduced to the world market by a concerned mother seeking to cut the toxins in her own home and to support a cleaner living for her asthmatic son. The series of cleaning clothes with its patented fibre structure ensures that every surface it is introduces to becomes very clean as they work at a micro level. The fibres pull the dirt up and then it can't get back down – the water helps pull the dirt up and keep it trapped. The wedge–shaped microfibres are so structured to reach deep into surface crevices (even the smoothest of surfaces have crevices under the microscope) and the entwined fibre network will lift and trap the dirt, only to be released when the fibres are washed.

Skeptics may choose to purchase cheaper imitations from supermarkets or specialty stores, but the integrity of the materials cannot be compared with the genuine article. Using only water and a little pressure, grimy surfaces are cleanses with ease and no toxins. The company claims by using the products it can eliminate 90% of cleaning products from your home.

Although seemingly expensive initially, the price is soon forgotten when integrated within everyday life, bathroom soap scum lifting easily, mirrors shine, window sparkle, sticky messes from floor and bench surrounded and lifted away.

I would have to agree with the catchphrase – hard to believe, easy to use.

The only place you can buy Enjo is through a distributor - so check your local directory or the website to find someone close to you. www.enjo.com

5 thumbs up.