Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Music Musings

Music Musings #15

Story inspired by listening to "Wild Thing"

For those following the weekly updates on Captain Juan, this will be added in within the next few weeks - with some editing.... I am still exploring Dantes character and the Musical Musings seemed to fit perfectly..... If you haven't already - please subscribe to a message in a bottle and join us in a ripping yarn about The Astonishing Adventures of Captain Juan - a story being co-written before your eyes by Paul , Jodi and myself.

Belicias eyes followed the fluid movements of the tall figure as he guided Matthias through the intricacies of a flying cat roll. His muscular frame belied its flexibility and speed as he demonstrated the move.

“Ab initio – from the beginning.” Dante encouraged the young boy.

She doubted ‘Carlos’ was the same man she had letters of recommendation of. His lack of enthusiasm towards musical education or literary discussion a glaring omission in the character report she held in her hands. However, she kept her tongue, preferring this version than the less than favorable references she had received from Carlos’s previous employer.

“Bella gerant alii – let others wage war Matthias, remember that. Always in court,amicus omnibus, amicus nemini – a friend to all is a friend to none – keep your own council.” Wafted Dantes advice to Matthias as they sat in the courtyard.

He was an enigma with strength and cruelty of a leopard but spoke Latin fluently and a devout Catholic, praying every night and spending entire Sundays at the Cathedral. He was a wild thing, untamed and she wondered for the hundredth time how why and he chose to come to their household.

Matthias would learn better skills with this new ‘Carlos’ and be better equipped for his life than if she had the mild mannered Minstrel she had originally hired unseen through the hiring marketplace.

With a flushed face full of excitement Matthias ran in skidding to a halt in front of Belicia “Mother! Guess what – tomorrow is Latin Day where I can’t speak anything but Latin!”

Bemused, she replied “Oh and what will happen if you achieve this feat?”

Matthias began jumping up and down, “Carlos will take me hunting.”

“For what?” Belicia asked

With a solemn face the boy replied in a hushed voice. “It’s a surprise.”

“Hmm” his mother mused, “We will have to see about that.”

“Dictum meum pactum – my word is my bond signora.” Dante stated, daring her to override his decision.

Her eyes met Carlos’s; the dark depths hypnotically pulling her in, she gave a small snort of defeat and looked away.

In a uncharacteristic girlish gesture, she blushed and quickly turned away. She’d never experienced the flush of first love, never had her heart racing with the thought of any man, or guiltily enjoyed the warmth and glow seeping through her body as she looked at Carlos now. Her own marriage had been arranged, one of political convenience and of the Queens insistence.

“Come, Matthias, we need to prepare for bed and leave your mother alone with her thoughts. By your leave Señora” Dante replied, slightly inclining his head.

Without turning, her face flushed scarlet, Belicia fluttered her arm in dismissal.

“Wild thing, you make my heart ……” she could not bring herself to even think what her heart was feeling towards him.

As their footfalls sounded in the distance, she allowed herself to turn and watch them leave. The tall brooding mass a direct contrast to the sparkle of life flittering around him excitedly. Even at the tender age of five, Matthias had the confident swagger of his father. Belicia breathed deeply thinking of her time in the Royal Court as one of the Queens handpicked ladies in waiting. She remembered the first time Matthias’s father presented himself to the Queen, his roving eye sparkling with promise to every female present. Belicia had seen numerous ladies in waiting fall to his feet to their eventual social disgrace. She smiled wryly. Matthias was testament the ultimate social downfall. The Queen had quickly arranged a marriage with one of the royal lieutenants and the whole incident smoothed over, lose ends tied up and forgotten; as was the way within the twisted political foray of the Royal Court.

She had given in to her path of servitude and loyalty for the Queen, sacrificing any though of personal happiness. Until Carlos had arrived, she had not thought that her life would deviate from the loveless, lackluster union she had her mostly absent husband.

“Wild thing, I think I”….. could she even think the word love? Belicia pondered. A noise behind her made her involuntarily shriek.

“Forgive me Señora, I startled you” Dantes quiet manner and movement always surprised her. She looked up into his face, breathing in the hot masculine muskiness of his body. His mismatched eyes had been cause for many of the servants to avoid looking directly at him, but now she felt compelled to stare deeply into them. She realized for the first time that one of his pupils was misshapen, the outline like a keyhole. Belicia wondered how a mildly mannered tutor might have received the cruel scar she saw across his left eyebrow and onto his cheek, being so faint, she had not noticed it before.

Her breathing rapidly grew shorter as she realized how close he now was to her. “I.. oh!” Belicia began but staggered as her head muddled with dizziness. Dante quickly caught her and lowered her gently to the nearby couch.

She flushed again, angry that his proximity had turned her usual icy demeanor into a simpering star struck maiden.

“Señora, you have a fever. I’ll call the steward to fetch a healer.” Dante’s eyes were filled with genuine concern.

“No, please. Its nothing.” She replied weakly.

He stood to leave. “Matthias is already in his room preparing for sleep. I thought I would go to night mass and came to let you know.”

“Perhaps I will come with you. An outing away from the villa might do me well”

“As you wish, Señora” His benign smile irritating her suddenly as he stood offering his hand to assist her in standing.

“Carlos.” She began

Yes my lady? His curt reply.

“You never talk about your life outside of your past. You must have family, loved ones.” Belicia started, stammering at the end.

With a twinge of sadness in his eyes, Dante shook his head. No Señora. I gave my life to the Lord when my family were all murdered by a madman. I prefer to keep my affairs between myself and God.

With a brazen brashness she had never held in the past, Belicia stood before him, putting her hand on his chest. She could feel the tight muscles through the linen shirt and her breathing increased.

“Forgive me I didn’t mean to intrude.”

They stood for long moments looking at one another; her hand still on his chest, feeling his strong heartbeat rhythmically beating.

“Mass begins shortly Señora.” He evenly stated.

Belicias bravado waned. “Yes, yes of course. Off you go. I may send for a tincture for my fever.”

She sat on the couch deflated and watched him leave the room. Was she imagining the possibilities in front of her? Did he have any feelings for her? Belicia wished for the tenth time today that she still held the Queens ear for advice; more than ever she needed guidance in this unmapped territory of love and her heart.