Monday, July 7, 2008

The Inner She Experience

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This week -A New Experience

A friend sent me an email about a women’s workshop proporting the discovery of the “Inner She” As a self improvement seminar veteran, I felt a little jaded. However, I’d never been to something as purely feminist as this and felt quite apprehensive in attending. I had many pre- judgments on who would be attending ranging from loony hippies to strident feminists to spaced out mystics involving far fetched scenarios. With the workshop title of Succulence & Sensuality, I felt my preconceptions may be true and considered not going at all. However…..

I arrived to a spacious room littered in flickering candles, rose petals with incense wafting on the breeze; luxurious cushions scattered and crystals hanging in strategic places. Our facilitator was a luscious, beautiful vision of womanhood, exuding power and softness. I was immediately hooked, wanting to know her secrets, desperate for a fiber of her grace and serenity. She was supported by another facilitator whose grace bloomed with her dance and movement work. We were greeted as long lost sisters and invited to sit within the sacred circle. Far from my visions of who would attend, the other women came from all walks of life; business woman to mother, all seeking that simple truth of pure femininity and the ability to access it at will.

The course presentation flowed within energies of the women taking part; accessing the two facilitators skills and knowledge. Simple meditation, guided visualizations, story telling, shut eye trance dance and movement meditations all built energy of safety and shared experience for those within the circle. Elizabeth demonstrated her access to both pure feminine and pure masculine energies as the groups needs required it. Strict guidelines and outlines to assist in the safe process work gave structure but allowed the format to go with what the energies of the group required to gain the outcome which was needed.

The coursework allowed through an experiential format for participants to make their own sense of what is was to be a woman and to uncover their sexuality through defining sensuality. It was a safe forum to connect with other women, but not to indulge in their experiences; which tends to be the trend in many workshops. The movement and dance processes were undertaken as shut eye exercises; thus offering safety for those conscious of their bodies.

Far from culminating in a demonstration or performance piece, the workshop ended after each women shared with her sisters her journey and acceptance of sensuality into her body through an individual movement piece. The atmosphere was electric, supportive, beautiful and powerful as each woman danced, bearing her stripped and pure energetic self. It left me with little doubt why our masculine dominated society banned women from gathering in such circles to dance. Hundreds of years on, it is time for our sisters to join together and celebrate the feminine.

Discover your truth and Inner She with Elizabeth in future workshops.

Elizabeth Jane Lotscher
As women our greatest teacher is our body! Courses and counselling to connect to and celebrate the wisdom of our wombs, cycles, sexuality and life transitions.
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