Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Awakening

Use the character you wrote about with bad luck a few weeks ago. Write something extraordinarily good that happens to her as a direct result of her bad luck.

The Awakened first few months of her apprenticeship had not gone well. Her birth bad luck had followed her, despite renouncing her past life and name, refusing even in her mind to identify your self as Anooska. She was yet to undergo the full Forsaken Ceremony, where past memories, emotional ties and her identity would be offered to the Goddess: and a clear pure memory gifted to her. The ways of the lone, fully fledged Confider meant they carried the guilt and the black energies passed to them from all Admissors, who sought solace or confession. Only those who had no past could heal the tormented souls. She knew she had much to learn and was desperate to impress upon the Sisterhood that she had what it took to become a Confider.

As one of the newly Awakened – the apprentice Confiders; menial tasks filled her day. However, her constant falls, spills and scrapes dogged her every turn and the likelihood of being given higher duties, responsibilities or tasks more substantial slipped past with each accident. Other Awakened had begun evening mediations to ready them for the shifts and passes required to take confessions and to cleanse the energies surrounding the Admissors. Whispered gossip told of great danger in going mad or being consumed in a single emotive state, if an energy shift were not consummated in the correct meditative state. Although chosen through their birth luck or indications of potential within the ceremonies of the Red Tent, not all Awakened became Confiders. There were many administrative and physical tasks which were required in order for the sisterhood to travel, to conduct ceremonies and seek out Potentials . Reduced to heavy lifting, erecting the great tent, carrying and arranging bedding seemed to be all Anooska was able to achieve with little failure.

Of specific shame, was that she was not blooded; as the entry into apprenticeship had decreed. The Sieth Seeker who ushered her into the Red Tent that smoke filled day, had eyes that pierced her soul; and knew she was not the girl she had introduced herself as. However, against all tradition, Anooska had been accepted and begun her training. She wiped and angry tear away and silently cursed the Goddess for her ill humour in gifting her clumsiness as her main attribute.

As one of the lowliest Awakened, she had freedoms not afforded to the others when arriving in a new village. One of her tasks was to secure new supplies from the market place, so as she wandered her way through, bumping into strangers, she practiced a childhood game whereby she snatched an energetic impression from each she passed, then releasing it to the Goddess, like capturing and popping bubbles. She was amazed that no matter where they were, people had the same concerns; the same fears and the same guilt. It permitted her a glimpse into their life and to free them of any spiritual pain there were feeling, so Anooska did not feel that she was intruding or doing a disservice to anyone. After a morning of this childish game, she would feel uplifted, alive and at peace with the Goddess, ready to face the ridicule of the other Awakened and Sisters.

Desperate to know what the others were learning, she snuck into the ceremonial tent one evening to watch the other girls and in hope of learning some of the meditate states. In her clumsiness and haste she tripped over a carpet and fell sprawled inside the semi - circle of the kneeling apprentices deep in a rhythmic chant. Utter silence stung the air as the drum felt silence and all eyes turned toward the crumpled figure. The Sieth Seekers eyes pierced her soul as she struggled to stand.

“It would seem we have another member to join us.” One of the Senior Seith Seekers ventured.

The other girls sniggered, quiet cruel remarks on her immature figure, her clumsiness and lack of grace or talent tittered between them.

“Silence! Come Child.” The Sieth Seeker commanded. “You there” pointing to the main instigator of hate, “Come here and stand before our new member”.

The self assured Awakened sauntered over and crossed her arms, haughtily staring into Anooskas eyes.

“Free her of this dark energy, of her jealousy. It does not serve her or the Goddess’s work”, the Seith Seeker quietly encouraged.

Anooksa stood facing her adversary and breathed in the muddled vapours swirling around the haughty girl.As she breathed out, she released her judgments and thoughts about the figure in front of her and smiled, opening herself up to the grace of the Goddess. Anosska thought it strange to be asked to do this simple task in front of all her peers. It had been something that she had always had access to and assumed that it was an innate ability for all who chose to commune with the Goddess.

The look of surprise on the other girls face, mirrored that of the other Awakened and Seith Seekers as they witnessed their first Blessings Release; a deep meditative state usually only achieved with years of study and practice.

Anooska felt the Goddess energy as she felt the blood pulsating and flowing through her body. Her body was damp with sweat and her gown sodden with her maiden blood.

The Seith Seeker allowed a thin smile creep to her stony face.

“Take note Young Awakened, you have witnessed the first Presage from the Great Prophesies.

Let us now celebrate a new members entrance to womanhood and the elevation of our youngest Confider.”


ChefDruck said...

Wow Annie - this is amazing. You really took me into the Cult of the Goddess. Incredible detail.