Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ana-Asef (Sorry)

PROMPT: The bag was empty except for a smudged, slip of paper which said, “Sorry.” 

Marilla stared at the eloquently formed letters and allowed an angry, self pitying tear to slip down her face. The bag she held was empty, except for that smudged slip of paper on which the words “Sorry” said far more than her society dared allow.
A dry wind languished around her ankles as she heard the autumn leaves rustle outside and the door quietly close. Her lone, constant companions solid presence behind her both comforted and angered her. Despite her advanced age, Jhodis withered hand clasped strongly around hers and took the slip of paper away. “Don’t judge your mother. She is doing what she needs to . As are you.”
Marilla flung the gaudy market bag down. Although a woman of high status, who personally upheld the cities inquisitor laws, Marillas mother had found a way to maintain both societal rules and her family bonding through this coded warning. A further tear threatened to spill over the closely guarded barrier Marilla had built against gossip and discovery.  How her own mother could do  this, after all the trials and coldness she had already endured in front of her family to given the opportunity to rejoin them next month. She aught to have suspected she would not be welcomed back; not after the grim expression her mothers face had taken after her last visit and inspection.
“Lady Marilla. We need to get out. Your mothers message is clear. City Sentinels are on their way.”
Chubby hands clung to Marillas milk-white smooth knees. A little face pushed his sticky mouth along her calf.  “Mumma?”  Marilla brushed the tear away as she swept down to pick her son up and hugged him tightly. She whirled him about and sat on an overstuffed couch; toppling the pillows and other bedding objects to the floor.  Sparse but exquisite furniture within her apartment echoed the once richly decorated interior, a constant reminder of how her family cut her off financially for her decisions. Marilla buried her face into Turions squirming, giggling form, breathing in his sweet child perfume. “I would never betray you Turion. Not my own blood.”
“I have some satchels packed; for a situation such as this. But we must leave now Marilla.” With the help of one of the cities only legal midwives, Marilla had hidden Turions existence through her pregnancy and now for nearly two years, until it was clear that his legs weren’t ever going to be perfect and that no matter what she did, he would never be able to be introduced into court or her world.  She allowed another tear for his sake to trickle down her face. For the sake of a limp he would be sentenced to expulsion from the Citadel, to make what life he might in the outer realms.  Alone. Depending on the leniency of the Three Judges, her own fate might not fare any better, especially as she had hidden his malformed existence for so long.
She’d never questioned the priesthood's teachings on the Way of Life until she felt a new one move inside her. Women of her social stature were chosen to carry the next perfect generation where every embryo  was  genetically manipulated and the final design passed by the council before implanting. At each stage of pregnancy, it is reviewed, manipulated and rejected if not perfect. At the time ordained by the high priests, the new life is surgically removed and raised by The Nursery until they are nine months old. Its only then that the are returned to the mother to be raised in the ways of the Citadel.  One chance encounter; one passionate night; and Lady Marillas well planned life had the opportunity to change.  Marilla chose not to terminate, initially out of denial, then as a stand against her alotted destiny as she began to question the teachings of the Citadel priesthood.
Jhodis arms opened and beckoned the boy to her. “Not a moment longer, or these past eighteen months will be for nothing. Come I’ll hide you in the lower city. They won’t ever suspect a Lady to consider going there.”
“And from there?”
“Its enough we get you and Turion out of the high city safely. We can plan the future later; but you need to come now, if Turion is to have one at all.”

As part of my creative process, I have undertaken a challange ( inspired by fellow writers Paul, Jodi and Ben) to sketch once a day before I being writing.  This is an image which came to me of Turions Mother and part of her story came to me as I drew.  More of my drawings can be found daily posted here and more of Turions story here.  Though I hope this story stands by itself and remains a comment on the outrageous birthing issues which exist at the moment.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Prompt: A family’s life changes dramatically after they are bequeathed an old painting in the will of an obscure relative.
This story has been removed for further editing and refining.. Hopefully it will be submitted to competitions and perhaps an Anthology...

thanks for popping by when it WAS up.. and leaving your comments

Friday, February 5, 2010

Through Angels Eyes

" Tori stared at him a long time. So many emotions were running through her she didn't  know how to begin to comprehend them.  She knew Estilo had protected she and Russell; and he had, in a major way, helped them with their mission.  "
Her blue tongue ran languidly over her lips; savouring his fear. The air sang electric with testosterone and adrenaline. No matter how often she experienced it, a humans primal fear was nothing which could be imitated by any other being.  Estilio kept his steely eye contact with her, his arm rigid as he pointed the gun at her face.
“I never thought it to come to this Tori. You know that. Especially like this. With you like that.”
“I know, Estilo. Its the only reason you’re not dead right now.”
“Just let her go and we can talk about it.”
“It a bit late for negotiations.”
Her tail lashed out and knocked the firearm from his hands. Estilo shrieked in pain as his wrist bones shattered. Russell seeped over to the prone body, pinning Estilos lashing limbs with his glutenous mass; sedating him with his presence.
The quivering bipod crouched low on the ground,bearing its teeth at her, its hot breath billowing noxious fumes. 
Tori pulled her vidscreen out and flashed an ID it at the creature.  “Earth is out of bounds for all interplanetary forms. Your council will be receiving a notice about your activities and you will be tried under your own laws on your return to your society.”
The creature whined, scuttling about its temporary forcefield prison.
The darkened alleyways shadows flickered in time with the flashing lights of the strip clubs entrance. A raucous laugh erupted from within and the smell of stale beer and urine intermingled with the smells of fear. Toris tail writhed and rippled as she indulged her senses. Coldly, she regarded the cowered being. “ I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes..err foot pads when it comes to facing that lot.”
She pressed a sequence of codes into her vid confirming co-ordinates to the prison camp on one of Jupiters moons. “They’ll also get a bill from us for your little holiday. Bon voyage!”  The image of the scaly bipod shimmered momentarily and then disappeared.
There was a low muffled moan from the ground as Estilos face pressed further into the cobblestones.
“Russell get up off Estilio. Go and make yourself useful” 
Liquid purple goo slithered off the crumpled figure and began transforming into its human shape.  Pulling his immaculate cuffs into shape and smoothing his perfect hair, Russell stepped over Estilio.  “I’ll start on the reports and tidy up the admin on this case.”
“Thanks, Russell. See you back at base.” Tori inclined her head towards the ground and held out her scaly hand helping Estilo up. “I’ll take you to the hospital.”
Estilio clambered backwards “But you , He . Russell, what the hell is going on?”
Calmly, Tori took his other hand and began leading him towards his squad car. “Your wrist, its broken. Pain tends to play alot of tricks on the stressed mind.”  Her opal eyes swirled as she connected with his eyes.
Estilio shook his head and stared at her. “We’ve been partners for how many years? You’re a lizard!” 
Toris voice lowered an octave. “Thats no way to talk to your trusted partner. You’re confused.” With a practiced flick of her tail, her transformation guise activated and she immediately took the familiar shape of a police officer.
Dazed Estilio allowed himself to be bundled into the squad car; staring at the evaporating blood smeared pavement.
Toris vid ticked and she winced as her commanders voice cracked like static.
“Tori, you’ll be transferred to an other unit tonight. We can’t run the risk of his memories being triggered by something you do or say. Its for his protection.”
The cracckling continued as Tori pretended to communicate with the caller.
She flicked the call off and  she looked briefly looked over at the sleeping Estilio, lamented under her breath, “Its a shame, I liked him.”
Estilios head lolled over towards her as his eyes flickered open. “Who was that?”
She shrugged. “Dunno, its was all static so we must be in some sort of communication dead zone. I’ll radio into headquarters and let them know whats happening.”
“You’re fine Estilio, You had an accident while we were arresting some drunks down at the Crown and Feather. I’m taking you to the hospital.”
“Cheers. Must have blacked out. What happened? Did we get them?”
A dimpled smile betrayed the emotion she felt for him. “Yeah. We got em. The world is a safer place now thanks to us.”
“You goof ball. It was just a few drunks. Just another night.”
Tori smiled again and focused on the road. He was right. It was just another night on the job as one of Earths Liaison Officers in the Intergalactic Security. 

Prompt - use a random paragraph from a book you've not read.

The opening paragraph is from one of my husbands Eric Lustbader  books “ Angel Eyes.”  found on page 303 - picked at random. Despite the front cover promising that the book is a mesmerising thriller, I’ve never made it past page 4 of a Lustbader book and have no idea what this one is even about.  I am sure Lustbader would have a fit if he know what I had done to his characters.


Written for Write Anythings Friday Fiction and for Mad Utopias Friday Flash.

A little ambitious as WAs FF is to be a first draft with no editing - and MAs FF is meant to be a polished piece.... so my compromise is that I write is out and go back and fix obvious spelling, gramatical and functional language errors.. and leave it at that....(praying that my story is good enough that it will bear the critics eye.)