Friday, March 27, 2009

Decision Time

Prompt: Setting: An office building - A secondary character says: “Look, somebody has got to make a decision.” Your main character offers a solution..........

this first draft story has been removed so that it can be edited and shaped up for submissions to competitions etc.


Rosey said...

Love it! Love Donuts too. A great unexpected ending

Jodi Cleghorn said...

I was eagerly awaiting the end to see what it was all about. Ahh! I see our virginal visit to Kripsy Kreme made an impact on you.

A little reflection of mine? I'm not sure about the little red herring thrown in with Melissa. While I loved the way she spoke - the "dining al desko" and the "microwaiting" I'm not sure how it related to the original discussion at hand. Rather than time saving - perhaps Forbers might consider asking her about her decision making?

Comparatively - the Gerald character pouts that he'll just take what he's given, that no one listens to his imput, which IS in keeping with the flow of the crisis (haha!) at hand.

I loved her character though.

Great high level corporate drama - and hell, we know that the type of donut can be sooooo important! I enjoyed it even more the second time :)

PS: my word verifiction is "colygock" do you think there is a nonsense word story in that?

Aden said...

I really like all the things that aren't "said" but alluded to by the way people interact, or how they look.