Friday, October 10, 2008

School Days - Photo Comp

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Trying to find a defining moment in school is really hard. My son has just started his first year in formal schooling.

After his first week, announced he wasn’t going back as he hadn’t been taught to read yet!

The next day he announced school was dumb because you have to sit down all day and say nothing.

Hummm.. says a lot doesn’t it?

I have chosen the defining moment to demonstrate school with a photo of the Easter Bonnet Parade. This is when parents slave over hot glue guns and stupid amounts of feathers or fur, leather and cardboard eggs and straw to produce an individualistic funky decorated hat. Parents then tramp into the school hall and sit cross legged uncomfortably on the hard concert flooring for hours watching every class do a rendition of Peter Rabbit and any other furry based character song the teachers can come up with.

The saving grace of course is to see your little darling parade their hat around the hallway.

And I have 14 more years to look forward to…( to include my daughter who is not yet at school...)