Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So where's this fit in?

Wordless Wednesday is a breathing space in my mad world of creation.

Can you guess what or where this is from?
take a guess and pop in a comment - the answer is posted as the first comment.


Unknown said...

Its a close up from HUGE print hanging on our wall at home. the print is about 1 mtr by 1 mtr. It was found folded up in my parents storage shed after about 10 years of nothing beinig disturbed in there. They have no idea how it got there. I got it framed and put behind glass. The material looks to be a beaten coconut matting and the design from either Torres Straight Islands or Fiji.It is hand printed and very striking.
if you know about it or can give me more clues - please let me know!

stan said...

i was guessing part of a carpet or cloth. I guess I was close!

Sword Mama said...

I was guessing a fabric of some clothing. I thought I saw a skull. hehe

Kerri W said...

My guess was a momento from Fiji too. I've seen fruit bowls / kava bowls with similar markings.