Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Review This - a pen


Fountain pens have long held the romance of elegant penmanship; however, their expense, their propensity to leak and smudge and portability issues have allowed ballpoints mastery within the modern office. German made, Lamy pens have had a long tradition and reputation of excellence in a variety of writing implements and have designed a comfortable, lightweight and smooth flowing fountain pen suited for the modern lifestyle.

The Safari Lamy has a cartridge filling system with ink cartridge which be modified for use with converter. Affordable and reliable, the Safari is made from a sturdy plastic in a variety of colors giving it a great high-tech look. With a robust wire clip to keep the pen securely in your pocket, it is sturdy enough to be dropped and knocked in normal usage.

Elegant with a modern twist, practical and comfortable to use with a smooth writing action, the Safari Lamy is set to challenge the traditional perceptions of the usability of a fountain pen.

The are available in most specialty Pen shops for around $US25.

Four thumbs up