Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Search for Good Cake

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Go and have a piece of cake...you deserve it...

The choices for coffee and cake have expanded every season in my city. The glorious temperate weather and populations love of the outdoors have encouraged every corner café to put a few chairs out on the pavement and serve the ubiquitous snack. I am on a lifetime mission to find the ultimate black forest gateaux, thus this is always my choice when going somewhere new. Chocolate mud cake has become so passé and mass produced its hardly barely worth mentioning.

A morning of shopping found our weary steps heading toward the café. I was surprised at the variety on offer; from several types of warmed muffins, slices, biscuits pie and cake; there was something to please the most discerning palate. My partner often misses out on the coffee and cake tradition as he is gluten intolerant and was delighted to be presented with two mouthwatering offerings. Diam cake is made from a almonds and melted diam bars ( a Swedish chocolate bar similar to a cross between a Mars Bar and a Snickers) It was dense, bitter sweet and delicious. The other strange offering was a marzipan bar – green marzipan dipped each end in dark chocolate. The marzipan filling was fluffy and light and oddly compelling. A must for those in love with the strongly flavored almond sweet, but a little intense for me.

Delighted to find a Black Forest Gateaux, I carefully disassembled its layers. The chocolate sponge was fresh and light, disappearing in your mouth as a cloud might evaporate on a sunny day. The cream was fresh and densely applied in amongst the black cherries. Sadly these were of not a good quality canned variety and was the only disappointing feature in the cake. Combined, the layers complimented each other in texture and taste. Although I suspect it to mass produced, the freshness betrayed its origins to at least being assembled within the city and not a frozen horror, so often trotted out on tiny plated in many cafes, squirted with foamy artificial cream to within an inch of its life.

Although I have not uncovered the ultimate Black Forest Gateaux yet, this offering was pleasant enough for me to come back again. The price, location and the childcare facilities makes it an even more attractive proposition. Ikea is well equipped with a child forest play centre ( free for an hours play - and perfect for parents to browse and then have coffee) A bottomless coffee is $1.95 ( lets not discuss the vendor machine quality of the coffee) and all cakes are under $4. A bargain in so many ways.

3 lickety lips.


Kerri W said...

Yum! I've got to go to Ikea now :)