Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brrrrummmmm... Tractor Wheelies!

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Review a Toddlers Book

Dorling Kindersley is a British Based publishing company who produce a large range of educational books and products specifically supporting the curriculum and younger readers.

The Busy Tractor Wheelies Book is a fabulous tractor shaped board book which feature four sturdy revolving wheels and clips together with a velcro strap. The board pages are tough enough to with stand the constant chewing a toddler will do to it in between trips around the floor. Most toddlers are fascinated by moving objects and to combine a book and a toy will please both parent and child as an addition to the ‘going out’ bag.

The book has bright photos of the tractor on a days work as it collects grain, shows how bales of hay are made and how seeds are planted. The sentences are simple and reflects what is happening in the photos, with plenty of opportunity to make sounds and reinact or demonstrate the action by rolling the book along on its wheels as it goes about its chores.

Whilst test ‘riding’ it, both the children I read it to were fascinated by the wheels and were desperate to have their turn in taking it for a spin around the floor. I can see this would be a firm favourite for any small child with an interest in transport and vehicles.

Wheelies books come in four titles, include basic words and information on the vehicles involved, depict real action photos and would appeal to children from 4 months to 5 years old. They are priced at AUS$12.95 and currently available in Australia through Total Learning Party Plan, through Amazon Books online or through the UK Dorling Kindersley website.

4 Thumbs up