Sunday, July 6, 2008


Write like fireworks….
Write fast, write ransom thoughts, hurry through it and don’t re read . You can always come back to it tomorrow…

Splash of fresh colours across the sky, bleeding downwards. Flickering and flashing, spinning earthbound. Another boom as the cannon shot the phoenix upwards. A crackling glittering flower spluttered and spat as it withered and floundered across the heavens.
Faces up turned in wonderment, in terror, in awe. Crys of amazement unconsciously slip, moans, seductive and inviting weave throughout the crowds. Eyes glittering and reflecting the colours sparkling so far up in the heavens. Sensual, lingering moans, connecting souls. Cold wind brushing faces and bodies, tugging at blankets and jackets, beanies and caps pulled further down and shoulders hunched. Strangers united, huddling together praising the skys, eyes and mouths open.

Red shoots higher Everyone cheer for the red!

Small children cheer, arms raised as the cannons blast out.

No its Green! Green is higher who wants another?

More cheers
Never purple, why don’t fireworks come in purple?
Bright scarves, stripy and thick.
Dust and mist; smoke and smog. Dragon breath as we puff our hot air out.
Last boom and sprinkly sparkles. Crackling and booming.
The smell of gunpowder and ozone.
Cheering and clapping as everyone regains consciousness. Everyone moves apart, eyes down cast, the magic forgotten, the unity lost, back to blank stares. No sensual moans, no greetings, no shared moments, strangers, shuffling off home, wailing tired children in tow.